Prophesies fulfilled …


James Oldham/Yehoshua

January 28 · Palm Bay · 

Folks have been talking … suggesting You are taking it easy on America cause of President Trump winning the election . A temporary respite ! Really ? Truly ?
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma came after they elected him . Ice jams , flooding , and new meteorological words . Bomb blast was not sufficient !
Father , my Lamb , my Holy REDEEMER , show them how YOU would walk against those that so boldly walk contrary to YOU .
Open up the East Coast Highway Authority and bring them so many bomb blasts that they will have no doubt about how You feel .
Hear our cries and prayers for You to instruct and correct Your children !!!
What would a parent expect of their children if they never tried to correct them ? Is it not their duty to try ? For the love they have for them ?
You stir the clouds with Your feet . You determine their thickness and how fast they will spin … YOU plot the path of EVERY storm !
This is not a time for YOU to take it easy on them . For their sins stretch beyond the heavens . For 33 years You have sent me to prophecy and warn them . Chapter 26 of Leviticus has been a main source of my warnings … I will punish you 7 times for your sins … 7 times more plagues for your sins … and after all that and after all this you still walk contrary to ME , I will walk contrary to yall in a FURY … !!!!!!!
Never stop trying to correct Your children You love so much ! To those who turn around , sew them in Your hems of Your garments and wrap Your wings around them .

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