Temporary end to drought in California


James Oldham shared a post.

Weather Nation said January 1 , 2017 was the worst damage from flooding and winds knocking trees down like matchsticks . Yes , fast blast after fast blast after fat blast lined up in the Pacific like a D Day invasion after D Day after D day . Look at the original post where I stated this is just a temporary relief from the drought and see today all the forest fires burning down whole cities . 50 mph winds aren’t helping either .

James Oldham updated his status.

Father , the winds have been howling across the plains . Show them all Joshua , that You were just warming up . Throw them some fast blasts that will leave their mouths hanging open . Pick some up and throw them down the street . Rip their houses apart from around them . Show them all what a FURIOUS LAMB can do to those that so boldly walk contrary to You . Maybe some will pick themselves up , shake the dust off , and start walking according to all Your ways . How long have You sent me to warn them ? How long have You done all the things You sent me to warn them of ? Do they sit in trembling of Your words ? Show them that the prophets of old were warning them about these times . That the harvest is ripe and You have commanded Your workmen to start bundling up the tares to cast into the fire and gather the wheat into Your barn .
Leviticus 26 : 28-31 was a warning for the people of today . Did I warn them as much as 7 times 70 ? Did You show them at least 7 times 70 that you fulfilled my warnings/prophesies ? Punish them 7 times more for their sins . Shrieking , howling winds blasting them from coast to coast .
I have played for them but they would not dance . I have mourned for them but they would not lament .
Father , for those that turn around and cry out mightily for You , wrap them in Your wings and comfort them as a mother hen for her chicks . Wrap them in Your garments and protect them from the Tribulation .

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