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  1. reallyelijah Says:

    The Constitution says in America our faith is a matter of conscious . Our faith has always been ours to choose whether in the Coliseums of the Roman Empire or in the Inquisitions of the Vatican .
    The Martyrs did not resist the evil of the Roman Empire nor did they bow to the rulers as gods. They died in those Coliseums as a matter of personal conscious faith .
    For 1260 years they were forced once again to put into practice their faith as a matter of conscious . Remain Protestants or face the Inquisitors and be tortured and burned at the stake . Millions chose Martyrdom .
    Soon yall will be faced with the same matter of conscious, worship the beast or die .
    If you are not ready to decide , the time is getting shorter and shorter for you to make your decisions .

  2. reallyelijah Says:

    I love these posts .

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