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ONE Question I Asked Of Governor Chet Culver Of Iowa .

May 10, 2020

Joshua ( Yehoshua ) Isreal Stretch out Your Mighty Arm !!! AGAIN and AGAIN and Again !!!!

Hey  CC ,

That Mighty Outstretched Arm Of  The  REDEEMER , Holy ONE  IsReal . Chet , I asked you , if  , I  was ever again in a Courtroom in Iowa if you’d grant me Diplomatic  Immunity as a parrot of our Creator ? I only asked of ya ONE  question can’t ya give me an answer ? jim , Oh by the way play CLUMSY for me so ya have some music to dance a jump around like a lunatic having a seizure trying to get the attention of a deity that can’t hear or see . Did ya learn BRAILLE yet ? are ya signing to beat the band for those storms to quietly pass you by .

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