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September 15, 2020

Reallyelijah's Blog

The last letters I wrote and sent to Governor Vilsack (( Iowa )that bought about all the plagues to visit Iowa City,Johnson County , and the entire State of Iowa ),Senator Grassley ( Iowa ) that gives the main reason for my prophetic mission and what our Creator, Messiah , and Heavenly Father , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) expects to see in His wayward children , and President Bush warning him about the wraith to come , yes , a RAGING  Messiah filled with FURY at this nation if the people continued to NOT accept the corrections from our heavenly FATHER on His rebellious children . After I said that I had stood up for this nation , ran into the plague to stop His outstretched arm against this nation , how I prayed and spoke up for Isreal so that His anger would subside against them . I said …

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I warned the blasphemers in Australia and my Messiah fulfilled all my warnings/prophesies !

September 15, 2020

Reallyelijah's Blog

December 9, 2010
The more Iguana’s that fall out of trees the more orange prices will rise , The Year Of The Falling Iguana’s In Florida . The rise and fall of FORTUNES in Florida , and we have Charlie Crists great faith to thank for it . Lets get to work Scot !!!!!!!
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James Oldham Scott , do you have a clue as to what it means to deal with a FURIOUS MESSIAH ? One that walks CONTRARY to everything you put forward ?Who will make you answer for your actions or lack of them ?You will have to deal with ME sooner or later .
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James Oldham frozen orange juice on the trees ! lemons , mango , strawberries , and ferns and them poor iguanas , get…

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Over 7 billion souls on earth

September 6, 2020

For those of you who have picked up your crosses and are following our Redeemer what are you going to do with them ? Be martyred as millions before you were martyred on theirs . As our Messiah showed us by dying on His.

Millions were martyred in the Coliseums across the Roman Empire because they wouldn’t bow to Nero or Ceasar  . Hundreds of years later millions more were martyred because they wouldn’t bow to the Popes . Is it any different today ? Will we bow to the beast , his name , or his mark ? Will we bow to artificial intelligence or AI ? To the NWO ?

No !!! We will practice our Faith’s no matter what the laws say or who is in charge . We , like Meshach , Shadrach , and Abed-nego will only bow to our Redeemer our Passover Lamb . Throw us in the oven , crucify us , burn us at the stake , or behead us . How could we do anything else ?

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