I warned the blasphemers in Australia and my Messiah fulfilled all my warnings/prophesies !


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December 9, 2010
The more Iguana’s that fall out of trees the more orange prices will rise , The Year Of The Falling Iguana’s In Florida . The rise and fall of FORTUNES in Florida , and we have Charlie Crists great faith to thank for it . Lets get to work Scot !!!!!!!
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James Oldham Scott , do you have a clue as to what it means to deal with a FURIOUS MESSIAH ? One that walks CONTRARY to everything you put forward ?Who will make you answer for your actions or lack of them ?You will have to deal with ME sooner or later .
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James Oldham frozen orange juice on the trees ! lemons , mango , strawberries , and ferns and them poor iguanas , get…

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