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I warned the blasphemers in Australia and my Messiah fulfilled all my warnings/prophesies !

August 15, 2014

December 9, 2010
The more Iguana’s that fall out of trees the more orange prices will rise , The Year Of The Falling Iguana’s In Florida . The rise and fall of FORTUNES in Florida , and we have Charlie Crists great faith to thank for it . Lets get to work Scot !!!!!!!
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James Oldham Scott , do you have a clue as to what it means to deal with a FURIOUS MESSIAH ? One that walks CONTRARY to everything you put forward ?Who will make you answer for your actions or lack of them ?You will have to deal with ME sooner or later .
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James Oldham frozen orange juice on the trees ! lemons , mango , strawberries , and ferns and them poor iguanas , get a grip !
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James Oldham Sugarcane !!!!!!!
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James Oldham Sorry Charlie , but this latest freeze of 12/27/2010 is still on your watch , save the jet fuel and don’t bother flying to Jerusalem anymore cause whoever you are praying to isn’t working . I tried to tell ya in a song that really need a FRIEND , I just you just couldn’t pick the right Messiah out of the over 1001 different Messiahs out there in over a 1001 different brands of ” Christian ” Churches out there . Well, tell Governor Scot that I’ll give him the same offer of THREE GUESSES FOR A NICKLE as to who the right Messiah is out of the over 1001 false messiahs out there. Step right up Scot and make a spectacle of yourself ! Strawberries , STRAWBERRIES , I’ll tell ya about STRAWBERRIES , They’re all frozen , and I think I just heard another frozen Iguana falling out of a tree ! 50 mile per hour winds ! Where’s that tropical storm ? Stretch out your mighty arm against Florida , the United States , and the rest of IsReal and walk CONTRARY to them in a FURY ! Show them ALL what a FURIOUS MESSIAH is and can do ! And Chastise them SEVEN TIMES for their sins ( Leviticus 26:28 ) .
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James Oldham 50 MPH winds from Florida to Canada ! Snow , wind , and freeze OH MY !!!!!!! Send an Alberta Clipper right at its heals that will shake rattle and roll the Great Lakes region . Let the winds take the little bit of moisture that is left and blow it 3 states away . 100 + MPH winds OH MY . Earthquakes in the New Madrid fault line area . Earthquakes on the west coast from Baja to Alaska !!!!!!! A FURIOUS MESSIAH !!!!!!! Strike them into potsherds !
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James Oldham D.C. DIABLO COUNTRY or DIABLO CENTRAL only second to the Vatican !
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James Oldham Holy REDEEMER , Joshua IsReal , Holy One of IsReal , and the Son Of Man if you would have the people know that You sent me to speak about those LIARS , Luke , Paul , and the imposter Peter of 1 and 2 Peter then stretch out Your arm and start earthquakes on the West Coast and along the New Madrid fault line.Bring 100 MPH plus winds to howl from Oregon into the heartland of America .Cause lake effect snows to fly 3 states away in record amounts.Give Rick Scott something to think about . Show We The People that it was to them I wrote my letters for from 1985 to present and that it is to them You hold account for them . That You did NOT send me on a secret mission .
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James Oldham To those that much is given much is expected.
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James Oldham Indianapolis 3.8 earthquake 12/30/10 starts the shaking along the New Madrid fault . Batten down the hatches along the West Coast Maties , for I smell a whole lotta shaking going on . Oh my !!!!!!! Already had a whole bunch of iguanas fallen out of trees as orange futures (Prices) soar.A lotta shaking going on in Florida(Shivering from the freezes ha ha ). Walk contrary to them that walk contrary to You , Joshua . Walk against them in a FURY Leviticus 26:28 . Stretch out Your mighty arm Joshua and shake em up good.
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James Oldham Tornadoes Oh My , 150 mph winds picking people up and throwing them down the street ! Floods , mudslides , and blizzards oh my !!!!!!! Where’s the people yelling no mas , Joshua ? No ! They’re saying oh how fickle mother natures is , oh gee . FURIOUS , yeah a FURIOUS LAMB ! A FURIOUS REDEEMER !!! A FURIOUS SAVIOR , Oh my . Did your dad ever spank your behind for being bad ? Try to turn you around ? Out of love for you and because he cares so much for his child ! When as a dad , He has tried to correst you , and tried to correct you 7 times 70 times and you are still rebellious , what do You do FATHER ? When after 33 years of trying to correct Your children and they are still walking contrary to You , what do You do ? Give up on em ? Or do You show them what it really means to walk contrary to them and in a FURY ?!?!? You FURIOUSLY beat them with your rod and at least show them all who they should fear and listen to . YOU . If there is to be any REMNANT at all !
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James Oldham December 9 ,2010 starts this thread ! to Thursday December 30th where I say , Batten down the hatches maties ! Walk against them in a FURY ! Shake em up good !~ Yeah the day before the biggest “New Year’s Eve tornado outbreak on record ! Shake em up good as their houses are being ripped apart while they stand in the middle of the devastation .
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James Oldham Come on Father , show them that a Furious Messiah is just getting warmed up . Now that they have celebrated Ceasar’s lie of a” New Year”dawning , show them all what it really means to walk contrary to YOU , Holy ONE Of IsReal !!!!!!! Get more FURIOUS !!!!!!! Keep zeroing in on those state capitals , and capitals of countries around the world !!!!!!! Have to know of my earlier prophesies at
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James Oldham Do you really think our FATHER , Creator , and LAMB would give Queensland and surrounding areas in Australia BIBLICAL FLOODS , if their churches were NOT preaching blasphemies against His words, laws,stautes,ordinances,judgements,and commandments ? You say how have we done such a thing ? When you say that I did not mean what I said in Matthew 5 :17-20 which starts with , DO NOT THINK THAT I CAME TO DESTROY THE LAW … ( And ends with ) For I say unto you that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees ( Those that kept the laws and commandments), you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven !!!!!!! You really think the PERSON that just spoke those words would give authority to Luke and Paul to contradict them ? NOT ONE LETTER OR WORD SHALL PASS FROM THE LAWS UNTIL THE HEAVEN AND EARTH PASS AWAY … !!!!!!!! HAVE THE HEAVEN AND EARTH PASSED AWAY ? Why do the CHRISTIAN churches in Australia preach against their Messiahs very words ? Is it because they follow Paul who preaches the doctrines of men and forsakes the WORDS OF THE LAMB their REDEEMER ?
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James Oldham So will I chose their delusions, and bring their fears on them;because when I called , no one answered , WHEN I SPOKE THEY DID NOT HEAR; But they did evil before MY eyes, and chose that which I did not delight. Hear the word of the LAMB, YOU WHO TREMBLE AT HIS WORD …. BUT THEY SHALL BE ASHAMED … THE SOUND OF THE CITY ! A VOICE FROM THE TEMPLE !!!!!!! THE VOICE OF THE REDEEMER , WHO FULLY REPAYS HIS ENBEMIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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James Oldham Where are those that TREMBLE AT HIS WORD ? That fight for the widows and orphans ? Who keep His Sabbaths holy ? Who honor their moms and dads ? Who have no other deities above Him and will not bow down and worship false idols and dieties ? Who declare Luke and Paul LIARS as His beloved disciple did in 1 John 2:4 ? Floods and worse to those who preach blasphemies !!!!!!!
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James Oldham Mathew 5 :17-20 DO NOT THINK THAT I CAME TO DO AWAY WITH THE LAW …. 1 John 2:4 ANYONE ( Luke , John , you , or me ) says I know the LAMB and does NOT keep His commandments is a LIAR and the TRUTH is NOT in them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jean Marc The Law merely reveals our sinfulness, and our dire need of a sinless Savior. The Law only condemns.
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Jean Marc dude, de-caf.
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Amritlal Joshi those liar is known as Lawyer
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James Oldham You’re right Jean Marc , the LAW and the LAWgiver Himself condemns those words you just typed , Jean Marc P.s. the law is perfect,just,and good and a sure compass to the ONE that gave us those ways ( Laws ). It is the SURE way to keep the greatest commandment TO Love HIM with ALL your heart body , and soul 1 John 5:3 This is the love of our LAMB , when we keep His commandments and they are NOT burdensome . You telling us all Jean that the laws are just a grievious burden to great to bear as Luke and Paul say over and over again ?
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James Oldham EARTHQUAKES along New Madrid recently Marston,MO 1/02/11 Ridgely,TN 1/07/11 , Damascus , Arkansas 1/06/11 , Guy , Arkansas1/02 1/03 1/04 1/05/11 In Alaska last few weeks to numerous to put here. California significant eartquakes last several days Seven Trees , CA 1/07/11 4.1 mag and Petrolia , CA 1/02 3.8 and other smaller ones to numerous to put here. Don’t forget the Oklahoma and Indiana earthquakes in last few weeks especially the around Indianapolis over 4 magnitude . Come on our FURIOUS REDEEMER the Holy LAMB , Joshua IsReal stretch out YOUR mighty arm and shake them up he more FURIOUSLY !!!!!!!
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James Oldham There’s nothing FAKE about this and ya really need a friend !!!!!!! Try my friend , Joshua IsReal , He is very dependable and you can TRUST In HIS WORDS !!!!!!!
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James Oldham Hey you BLASPHEMERS in Queensland , are you getting it ? I mean really getting it ?!?! Where are the shouts for putting on SACKCLOTH AND ASHES ?!?!?! That we will start to preach a UNTARNISHED MESSIAH and REDEEMER , JOSHUA ISREAL !!!!!!! That did NOT come to do away with the laws or commandments !!!!!!!!!!! Oh My , 170 MPH HURRICANE to strike Queensland . Hey , you Aussies , do you not know that you are Ephraim , of the tribe to receive the FAT OF THE LAND and THE GATES OF YOUR ENEMIES ? That ISREAL conferred upon you a joint blessing with your brother Manasseh ( USA ) telling you all what a GREAT COMPNY OF NATIONS you all will become and be a fruitful bough that goes beyond the well ( EMPIRE ) . How far Ephraim and Manasseh has fallen ? You ISREAL ) will be an example to the rest of the world what it means to turn your back on your REDEEMER , LAMB , and BLESSING GIVER !!!!!!!
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Greg Kelly Do you not think that maybe the ptb are following biblical prophecy using h.a.a.r..p and other technology to convince you that the Bible is real and not just a aload of made up nonsense to control the masses?
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James Oldham Greg that has got to be the funniest post I have ever read on my wall.Why would anyone actually try to humor me about my beliefs ?
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James Oldham 23 EATHQUAKES strike Arkansaw since midnight Wednesday , February 16 , 2011 OH MY , with a 4.0 thrown in for good measure !!!!!!! Followed by a 4.2 Oh My !!! OH HOLY REDEEMER OUR FURIOUS MESSIAH now that your warmed up STRIKE THEM AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN with YOUR iron rod and smash them GOOD !!!!!!!
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James Oldham Now that you’ve warmed things up send the TORNADOES to IOWA CITY , JOHNSON COUNTY , AND ALL OF IOWA and the heartland !!!!!!! FLOODS ? DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT FLOODS !!!!!!! 500 YEAR FLOOD EVENTS TWO YEARS IN A ROLL ? FLOODS don’t ask the folks in FARGO to start filling sandbags again !!!!!!! Red River ? Cedar River , Des Moinse River just to name a few . Show them what FURIOUS LAMB is all about !!!!!!! Show them what it means when Your prophet is sent to a Iowa City Courthouse to declare MANY PLAGUES upon them ALL !!!!!!! What it means to ignore the warnings YOU have se4nt to them ALL !!!!!!! REARRANGE the countryside of IOWA good when the rumblings along the New Madrid fault line really gets going !!!!!!! There is nothing FUNNY about this and ya really need a FRIEND , I’ll be wavin my hand watchin ya

No more Mr. Nice guy .

June 4, 2014

October 8, 2009 at 4:27pm

The last letters I wrote and sent to Governor Vilsack (( Iowa )that bought about all the plagues to visit Iowa City,Johnson County , and the entire State of Iowa ),Senator Grassley ( Iowa ) that gives the main reason for my prophetic mission and what our Creator, Messiah , and Heavenly Father , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) expects to see in His wayward children , and President Bush warning him about the wraith to come , yes , aRAGING Messiah filled with FURY at this nation if the people continued to NOT accept the corrections from our heavenly FATHER on His rebellious children . After I said that I had stood up for this nation , ran into the plague to stop His outstretched arm against this nation , how I prayed and spoke up for Isreal so that His anger would subside against them . I said , ” I have been a reluctant prophet , a humble and meek prophet , simply a parrot that was repeating what his MASTER was saying . ” I have waited for 25 years for this country and its people to show some respect and fear of our Creator and FATHER . To finally start to listen to HIM !!!!!!! No matter how many times HE stretched out His arm and struck this nation with His rod according to the words He had me write or speak , no one showed any fear . No one really listened . Out of love for His people Isreal and the promises He made to our forefathers He has revealed Himself and tried to correct His wayward children that at least a remnant would be saved . Oh Mannaseh and Ephraim ! Oh Joseph and all your descendants what have you bought upon yourselves ? Repent ! Put on sackcloth and WAIL for forgiveness to your Creator , Messiah , and FATHER and maybe you will turn the FURY from our Messiah ,Joshua aside . Maybe a few of you will and that is all I hope for after all these years , a remnant , but even you will be removed from your lands into your enemies hands . I was a meek , humble , and reluctant parrot .

NO MORE !!!!!!! You ever hear a parrot that is wet and upset screeching and squawking ? Ever try to shut up a screeching squawking and pissed off parrot ? I am wet from the tears of the saints and the blood of the martyrs . How long oh mighty Messiah till you have avenged of the blood the nations have shed of the prophets and martyrs You have sent to them ? NOT till the full measure of the vialof all the blood of the martyrs has been filled !!!!!!!! Blood will flow even in the most remote of places , your strongholds will be torn down , your naked carcases thrown down on the alters of your false dieties . Your sacredf pillars thrown down . A leaf blowing in wind will put your armies to flight . You will run and fall over each other in your attempt to flee from an enemies sword that isn’t among you. You will NOT stand against your enemies anymore but soil yourself at the sight of them . You will have a hard time trying to hold a small sliver of a beach head in any foreign land with all the marvelous wopnder of the works of your hands ; your cruise missles, nuclear submarines , air craft carriers , fighters , bombers , tanks , and helicopters will avail you nothing . Then some of you will begin to see what it means to have the blessings of our heavenly FATHER withheld !!!!!!!

When your forests were attacked by beetles,aphids,sap suckers , and borers the ARMY sent by our Messiah , you seen much of California’s forest dead and dieing as I warned you about . Matchsticks waiting for the lightning to set your state ablaze !!!!!!! Your crops withering and dieing in your fields . The fruit trees not yielding up its fruit . The GNP bought down by all the crop failures . The droughts !!!!!!! The FLOODS !!!!!!!! The HAIL !!!!!!!! The whirlwinds !!!!!!! ALL THE LIKES OF WHICH THIS NATION HAS NEVER SEEN JUST AS I WROTE AND OUR CREATOR, MESSIAH, AND FATHER PREFORMED EXACTLY AS I HAD WRITTEN AND SENT TO YOU ALL BEFORE IT HAPPENED !!!! Yes , I wrote it and our heavenly FATHER fullfilled it and no one listened ! No one feared HIM or His prophet that HE sent !!!!!!! No one paid heed or any attention to all the miracles He preformed . No one cared about all the sure signs He provided you alol with ! Signs proclaimed ahead of time so that you would believe that HE ISREAL !!!!!!! That HE sent me to straighten the path that Luke , Paul , and his aPaulSouls tried to make crooked . Now you will see how hot HIS anger is burning ! The FURY OF OUR MESSIAH !!!!!!! A JEALOUS MESSIAH THAT HATES YOU ALL CHASING AFTER FOREIGN AND FALSE DIETIES !!!!!! OH that RING OF FIRE !!!!!! EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES , and GIANT WAVES CRASHING INTO YOUR SHORES WAY WAY INL:AND OH MY !!!!!!!

And yet you will have seen but the beginning of your troubles and sorrows . For after each set of events and you still refuse to humble yourselves before your Creator , Messiah , and FATHER it will get SEVEN TIMES worse and SEVEN TIMES WORSE AGAIN !!!!!!! If you still don’t humble yourselves before Him and accept your FATHER’S CORRECTION you will resort to eating your daughters and sons !!!!!!! Yet , even after all this and you are in your enemies hand in a foreign land and you wail out to your Creator and FATHER that you are sorry , HE will remember his promises to Isreal ! To King David !To Isaac !!! To Abraham and your patriarchs of old . He will remember His covenant with Isreal whom HE bought out of Egypt in the site of the nations, that He would be your FATHER; For I am the ALMIGHTY , the Holy ONE Of ISREAL .
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James Oldham

AMERICA , The fat lady is singing , turn out the lights .

March 26, 2012

Whose heads did Abrahams blessing rest on ? Ephraim ( Great Britain ) and Manasseh ( USA ) who became like the stars of the heavens and the sands of the seashores . America is truely the PROMISED  LAND where milk and honey flowed . What good is that blessing when nearly everyone is ignorant of it and has taken our FATHER out of the courthouses , schools , and our mothers childrens minds and hearts ? They are taught instead that we are a great nation because of our nuke subs , stealth fighters and bombers , cruise missles , abrahms tanks , and other works of our hands .

Our  LAMB was what made us great . Who freed us and showed us how to walk as  HE  walked ( Please read chapter 26 of Leviticus ) .

And after ALL this , if you do not obey  ME , but walk contrary to  ME , then I also will walk contrary to you in  FURY  , and I , even I , will chastise you seven times for your sins . You shall eat the flesh of your sons , and you shall eat the flesh of your daughters …I will cast your carcasses on the lifeless forms of your idols … I will lay your cities waste and bring your sanctuaries to desolation …

I have been schooling you all for 26 years and its time for finals . Pass or fail . Eternity in heaven or hell .

Joshua is going to march into the  PROMISED  LAND with  HIS  army of choppers , eaters , and locusts . They will not be turned aside or stopped until the land is covered in stubble , and then wave after wave will come and eat even the stubble that is left , till the bare land lies naked under the fierce sun waiting for the screeching winds . The lands will finally enjoy their Sabbath . The heartland of America will blow into DC and beyond . A testimony to your politicians that  LAWLESSNESS   ABOUNDS  .

The rule of law ? It is what any judge or politician imagines it to be . Freedoms won only enslaved you more . Disemboweled your constitution and took you further from your  LAMB  that could make you whole .Because you forsook your Creator your love has grown cold and you have allowed a wicked Jezebel to beguile your mothers children and take their innocence away .

When the ships are down , he will be ordered to stand down . Then you all will know how deep and wide the betrayal and oath breakers goes . You will be shipped off like cattle to slave in foreign lands and everyones hand will be raised against you . Fear will replace your haughtiness .

For those that cry out to their REDEEMER whereever they end up . Joshua IsReal will remember  HIS  promises of old and save you in the end .

Let the world see what happens to America and look with their mouths gaping open at how our  FURIOUS  LAMB ‘s  Anger burned so hot at  HIS  wayward and rebellious children . Those chosen ones who received the best of the best and betrayed  HIM  the most . Preaching blasphemies against HIM ,  HIS  words , laws , commandments , precepts , ordinances , and judgements . How they allowed Paul to attack HIS words spoken in Matthew 5 : 17-20 by letting Romans 6 : 14 stand . How they let Luke and Paul destroy most all of the commandments and laws in Acts 15 : 23-29 in spite of Johns warning in 1 John 2 : 4  that they  BOTH are  LIARS  and the truth is  NOT in them . How they ALL sat back and let the Jesuits destroy their nation and turn them all into slaves equal with cattle . Let the Gentiles  that see ,  know that their turn for correction is also at hand .

Two world wars and Germany and Europe left in ruins means nothing to them at all . They will rule the world and have a 1000 year reign !!!!!!!  Really ? Do you have any idea what a 200 million man army can and will do to you ? Babylon has fallen ! Rejoice all you on the earth for they have forced you all to drink the wine of her abominations . Rejoice and know that soon your  LAMB will appear in the heavens to take you to a New Jerusalem and a new earth .

MELTDOWN , cHErnobyLL , and Japan

March 18, 2011

In  1986 as I watched whatever coverage of Chernobyl I could find , His Holy Spirit kept me ZEROed  IN to events . I read every background radiation report daily until about 2 weeks after the accident they stopped publishing them in the paper . The last published report said that the level is 30 TIMES normal . That’s not what astounded me , it was when we should have been given daily if not twice daily reports they stopped reporting the background radiation readings  !!!!!!! about 7 months later when I now lived in Pagosa Springs , CO  I called the Dept of EPA  and asked what the background radiation levels were. He asked me if I was a rancher or a Real Estate Broker , and I said , ” No , I’m just a dad with kids and think it a prudent thing to know so that I could make an informed decision . Well , I don’t understand , he said , no one but one college student has ever asked , but , wait , we just got some information on this and if you would give me your name and address , I’ll send it to you . Yes , thanks , and what’s your social security number . I knew I was being put on his list , but , gave him my social security number anyways . I just hope that whoever he sent would step on the toes of those who were already ” Checking me out ” . You know I never got anything in the mail either .

Now , about a year later while living in Clarksville , TN , I read in the paper and see on TV people protesting at the Cape about Project Galileo and the TWO reactors onboard . Nasa for the FIRST time says, hey , this isn’t the first launch of nuclear reactors , its been done several times before and is completely safe ! Wow , a forthright  admission to show how cooperative and open they are at the Cape ! Just stand aside and watch this baby go up !

Then I see an article from a NASA employee complaining about the shuttle and wishing we had the old Saturn rockets with their throw weights and speed to get that satelittes to Jupiter QUICK . What’s the hurry ? We just had voyager 1 and 2 flyby giving scientist years of info to unravel . Did I mention that Project Galileo became priority number one and all other projects were pushed aside or put on hold and that they called her the ROLLS  ROYCE of satelittes costing mega bucks when NASA was experiencing budget constraints and groaning about slowing down their programs.

Why Jupiter ? Why the rush ? What’s got their panties in a knot ? Gee , a lot of  physicist work at the cape and have a good idea about fusion , fission , and how the sun works and they could send a probe to the center of the earth to see if what weapons grade uranium would do if it got to the center of the earth . How about using Jupiter instead ? Drop a reactor into Jupiter , its all gas and well get to the center quick enough . Was it weapons grade uranium in that reactor or probe they sent into the atmosphere ? Did friction burn it up ? What went wrong ? Now they have 23 pounds of plutonium out there on Calypso . Is that weapons grade ? says that the reactor #4 at Chernobyl had 190  TONS  of uranium and plutonium . It was a BREEDER  Reactor for enriching uranium and plutonium , yeah a super enrichment plant . There are only a few of these on the whole planet . The plant also makes Tritium a gas that gives nuke a bigger punch . How much of that 190 Tons is weapons grade uranium ? 50,000 pounds ? 100,000 pounds ? What about the plutonium the Swedes reported was also in the dust cloud ? Someone I spoke to at the Wise site said that Russian Miners under extreme risk tunneled under the reactor and stopped the cores descent . Really ? What they put under it to stop it ? I mean once it reached its max temp and melted through steel and concrete and acted like the graphite wasn’t even there and well eat throw granite and anything else it encounters , I know this is a big lie meant to alieviate any concerns about a run away core , running or eating its way into the bowels of the earth.

Don’t forget that President Reagan said that our satelittes showed TWO reactors on fire on national  TV . Are we talking 380 TONS  instead of just 190  TONS  ? Minus the over 8 TONS that was blasted into the atmosphere after it vaporized a 1000  TON steel cover plate and ripped off the tops of  1661 channel , that contained the uranium and plutonium , turning those rods into 1661 howitzers pointed at the sky. Report from the Symposium at Vienna in August of 1986 from the Toledo Blade , Tuesday , September 23 , 1986   ,  Page   2  .

How many of you watched a documentary on TV about the Chernobyl accident where they said that they drilled throughh the containment vessel or reactor and sent a robot with a camera to look inside the reactor ? The view was a hole that went down as far as the camera could show  !!!!!!!  Where’d all that uranium and plutonium go ?  GLENN   BECK  said that there is NO  SUCH  THING  AS  THE  CHINA  EFFECT  OR  SYNDROME  !!!!!!!  Just like he said there are NO  FEMA  camps or evil induction centers , and anyone that has any questions concerning 911 is a screw ball radical idiot ( I must be exaggerating here aint I ? ) . I also heard him say that the PATRIOT  ACT is a good thing and he is ALL for it  . Gee , what well 50 million buy now a days ? He loves his pats on the back and he has received his reward here on this earth . He should have stored his treasures in heaven where the fires of cHErnobyLL can’t burn .

What would I gain if all this is true ? What have I ever received for what I have freely given just as I freely recieved ?

Ask yourself this . Where can you run to ? Where can you hide if the earth turns into a sun ? A Lake of Fire and Brimestone ? Where it is man and the devil who has given us our punishment for our sins ? Have you answered the devils question yet ? Why not worship me ? Do things my way for a change ? Remeber our Messiah , Joshua IsReal said , ” This is  NOT my kingdom … ! ” He gave it to Adam . All that swims in the oceans , crawls on the ground , and flies in the air . Our Messiah is NOT a Indian Giver . Why meet Him in the clouds if His kingdom is going to be on this earth ? Why say there is going to be a NEW Jerusalem and a NEW  Earth that comes from heaven ?Why do witches and worshippers of satan use a star within a circle of the earth ? Why did the Simpsons show a blue and green earth with a suns corona around it on a poster with the words , ‘ SOMEBODY  TALKED ” in the episode where Bart is being picked on and he is just enterring the clubhouse where he is going to be taught to defend himself ? Why all the lies and misdirsection ? Shouldn’t we ALL have the opportunity to get right with our Creator before such an event takes place … just as a fig tree turn green we know that summer is approaching , so shall we KNOW  THAT  THE   END  IS  NEAR . So , run ! Don’t stop to get your coat run to a mountain or holy place in your life !

Isaiah 33 : 14  The sinners in Zion are afraid ; Fearfulness has seized the hypocrites : ” Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire ? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings ? ”

No where to hide and to escape the fire you must run to Him that Created you and loves you .


February 19, 2011

Jump up and down like a bunch of spear chuckers from Africa ! Celebrate your freedom while raping those chucking Americans  !!!!!!  Keep bombing those ” Christian ” churches and keep killing and running those ” Christians ” out of Iraq and the rest of the middle east ! OH  MY , you all are on such a roll !  You are all so scarey , why , I’m shaking in my sandals ! Topple your governments and replace them ALL with what ? Your morality ? Your sense of decency and dignity ? Where is it ? With the blood that flows out of all the necks you all have sliced ? Oh , kill some more ! Let the blood of the infidels flow !!!!!!!

You say , where is America ? Her mighty missles and tanks ? We have beaten her and broken the pride of Her power ! Have you now ? You taking credit for what our heavenly Father has wrought ? For what He has declared ? He whistles from afar and says come take this nation and that one and it is taken . He says for this one to stand and it stands ! For this throne not to be toppled and it stands to this day . But , what have you accomplished  other than the spilling of innocent blood ?

You should have plugged your oil wells and lived with your sheep . The money from that ” BLACK  MAGIC ” has destroyed your kingdoms and is tarnishing  and twisting your souls ever further . Can you buy eternity ? Make peace with the devil ? Buy the innocent children and make them your toys ? How old is to old for me you say ? Why wait for 70 virgins when you can have them all now ! Where is you FATHER in all this ? Are the folks in the Sudan to dark for your taste ? Better to empty the land and restock it  ? Cull the herd !!!!!!! Listen to your WHITE  MASTERS  and what they command .

You’ve lost your fear of America and you run around like unruly spoiled children. What can we break ? Who can stop us now ? No one can teach us anything new ? We are the land , we own it !!!!!!!

You all should have listened better in school . Paid better attention to your history teachers . Cause you are about to relearn a terrible lesson . If you were the land the blood soaked sand would have cried out to you . Stop the foolish children from their FOLLY  !!!!!!! You well soon be looking into the eye of the ruler of this land you call your own and you well wish a thousand times that you didn’t have to look into it again .

When was the last time Jerusalem ran with rivers of blood ? From Eygypt , Syria , and Lebanon ? When was the last time you had to wade through blood in  Israel ? Oh , you are starting to tremble now are ya ? Just knowing that it well be Muslim blood that flows in those streets again !!!!!!! You are provoking the greatest beast this world has ever seen to anger . No !  To  a  BLOOD  LUST that well not be quenched till it has been utterly burned with fire ! That BEAST well come your way first and once your blood has chummed the waters it well turn on the rest of the world in such violence and in such a whirlwind every head will spin !!!!!!! Your eyes and flesh well dissolve from your body from one step to the next ; but , that well be your comfort , and escape from the INQUISITIONS , TORTURE , AND BURNINGS . Do you not know how they dealt with those German Jews that you say never happened ? Yeah , when they are through with ya to the OVENS  or Coliseums  you go ! Bright suns over your cities to !

You really think you can hasten the coming of our FURIOUS  MESSIAH  ? He already prayed that THOSE  DAYS  WOULD  BE  SHORTENED  OR  THERE  WOULD  BE  NO  FLESH  LEFT  TO  SAVE  !!!!!!! You really think you are doing your own bidding here ? That this is all part of your great wisdom to incite the most bloodthirstiest BEAST this world has ever witnessed ? OH  MY  !!!!!!!  How the POPE well dig his heals into the sides of GERMANY and rest of her DUPES and direct her to the HOLY  LANDS , IRAN , and Eygypt !!!!!!! Did I hear CRUSADE  II  ? or III  ?

There is  ONLY  ONE  WAY  TO  PARADISE and that is through the SON  OF  MAN , our  FURIOUS  MESSIAH ,  Joshua  IsReal , the ONLY  HOLY  REDEEMER , WHOSE  Holy Blood is the ONLY  BLOOD  TO  WASH  AWAY  OUR  SINS .

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