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February 8, 2010

AGAIN AND  AGAIN AND AGAIN 10 inches 12 inches of flooding rains is NOT  ENOUGH . Where do you stand on the unconstitutional ratification of the 14th Amendment and the High Treason of the ACT of 1871 ? Have  we the people the rights of sovereignty ; sui juris or are we slaves to the corporation UNITED  STATES  OF  AMERICA  and subject to the debt of that corporation that we did NOT incur ? Oh heavenly Father , did You Not promise that Manasseh would become a great nation . Did You not help us establish a Constitution made by Sovereigns for Sovereigns to control its government ? So that the united states of America would become the fortress and breadbasket of Isrealianity ( christianity) around the world ?

Did our forebears insure for us the rights we all need so that we would not be harrassed day and night in the pursuit of our Creator’s desire ; that we would be a Free people , Sovereigns all ?

Pound the Southern States into submission worse than the North ever thought to accomplish until they all wake up and reclaim the Sovereignty of its people by repealing all unconstitutional Acts of Congress and declaring the 14th Amendment as never being  constitutionally ratified .

Well the Southern States , New Jersey and Ohio , let stand the Treason committed by Congress ? Was it not a Treasonous act of Cogress that ejected the lawful Congress of 10 Southern States replacing them under Martial Law in peacetime by a military tribunal ? The same Congresspeople that had just helped to legally pass the Thirtienth Amendment to the Constitution ?

Father , wake the people up . Wake the Southern States up , to realize that they are only as strong as the people that trust them to look after their concerns as the Constitution of Sovereigns grants them .

14th Ammendment (Not ratified)and Act Of 1871

January 25, 2010

We The People tired of abuses of power by the governments in Europe put together and establish this Constitution FOR the USA . Notice that we Sovereigns and Free People frame this document for OUR prosperity , freedom , and happiness and that our inalienable ( NOT taken away or transfered ) RIGHTS  come from our Creator , Messiah , and Father , Yehoshua . That WE establish our government from this document for the insured protection and perpetuity of OUR rights and that they can NOT be taken away or transfered .

With a bankrupt , torn , and bleeding Republic just after the Civil War with Bureaucrats  trying to insure their place in history , make deals with foreign bankers and turn this nation upside down !!!!!!!! In the 14th Ammendment ( Never ratified )  and The Act Of 1871 ( An illegal and Treasonous Act of Congress ) We The People , Sovereigns , FREEmen and women , have our RIGHTS and Constitution seemingly hijacked . The institution of government that WE established will conspire and commit High Treason to reverse the roles of government and FREEPEOPLE .

That they incorporate the USA and the District Of Columbia and make it seem as if this new corporation is the framer of The Constitution by changing FOR to OF and in all blocked capital letters; THE  CONSTITUTION  OF  THE  UNTIED  STATES  OF  AMERICA . We The People are now subsidiary corporations of  the parent and highest corporation , THE  UNTIED  STATES  OF  AMERICA . We are no longer Sovereigns and FREEPEOPLE in charge of our government .

Names in all capitals in law mean you are either a corporation or DEAD . Come on America rise up from the muck and pig shit and wash yourselves in HIS blood . Shake the dust off of yourselves and reclaim the reigns of YOUR government . Once again direct how the hands tax and enact laws and always know what the left hand is doing while you direct the right hand . Charge into the breech in our walls and stop the evil rout from pouring in . Are you not Ephraim and Mannaseh , Joseph’s TWO sons ?

Has not our Father , Creator , and Messiah Yehoshua shown the world what it means for the least of all tribes ( Abraham ) to be chosen and blessed by our Creator to be magnified as the sands of the seashores and the stars of the heavens ? To become the owners of the FAT  OF  THE  LAND ( Wheat fields of Canada,USA, and Australia ). The possessors of the GATES  OF  OUR  ENEMIES (  Suez Canal, Panama Canal,Hong Kong , Midway, Gibralter , and passageways around the world ? The blessings of our heavenly Father fullfilled in Great Britain , Canada , USA ( Who broke from his brother and became the greatest nation on the earth) , and Australia , that greatest  COMPANY  OF  NATIONS ?

You are the CHOSEN of our only true FATHER and your name , ISREAL  !!!!!!! Shake the dust off yourselves , wash your robes in His blood , and have HIM breath on you His Holy Spirit . You are NOT slaves and corporations of  FICTIONS , but the sons and daughters of Yehoshua Isreal , our Messiah , Creator , and heavenly Father . Breath life into my nostrils that I may become a living soul !!!!!!! Breath on me Your Holy Spirit that I might have the strength to fight to make men FREE  !!!!!!!

Tell Congress to tear up the 14th Ammendment !!!!!!!  Tell Congress that We The People do NOT recognise any illegal or Treasonous Acts of Congress. That We The People are NOT responsible for the corporations DEBT  !!!!!!!

Inalienable means : Can NOT be taken away or transfered . You can NOT transfer our rights and powers as Sovereigns to a corporation . A corporation can NOT sue a Sovereign , but , a Sovereign people can sue a corporation ( FICTION ) .

Until We The People have once again reserved our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS as a FREEPEOPLE and SOVEREIGNS make sure you make a timely reservation of your COMMON  LAW  RIGHTS by writting under protest without prejudice UCC 1-103 , UCC 1-207 , and UCC 1-308 before signing any contract , court document , or ticket from a cop (  Collection agents for the illegal corporations,USA and D.C. ).

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