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VIA ReallyElijah’s Blog is a repost !!!!!!!

July 1, 2010

Oceans turned blood red was first posted on January 14 , 2010 . The cause of ocean turning blood red … A  RECENT   MANMADE   CATASTROPY  !!!!!!!  4 ( FOUR ) months later , BP’s  oil  well ( Deep Horizon ) blows and BECOMES that recent manmade catastropy  !!!!!!!

Fight to my death !

March 10, 2010

To my last breath I will fight the evil BASTARDS  in  DC  who have the devil as their father . Who raise their arms to mother earth and the sacred owl . Who worship money as their god . MONEY  that has no real value. Your slave masters that have their feet on your necks as the flood waters rise . You who have put way to much trust in their ability to save you when the Obama nation of desolation grabs you by the throats and shakes you like the dogs you are !!!!!!!  Come out from them ! Separate yourselves from them !!!!!!! Be like Meshach,Shadrach,and Abed-Nego and do NOT bow or submit to them !!!!!!!  Be like the Christians who were murdered in the Coliseums of Rome , MARTYRS  all  !!!!!!!

THIS  IS  NOT  MY  KINGDOM ! Your Messiah said !!!!!!!!  He would not bow to the devil and receive the glory of all the great kingdoms of the earth !

Give all glory to your only true Father in heaven ! STAND  STAND  STAND on the  ROCK of salvation , His laws and commandments !!!!!!!!!

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