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NWO,CFR,TC,and the Bilderbergs are the problem !!!!!!!

August 18, 2010

Of all the wars fought throughout history has their ever been a war where the poor have fought against the rich ? I understand that the poor couldn’t go to the Cabal of International bankers and say , ” We need to borrow a few billion to fight a war , and we need it at low interest ! ” Ha Ha Ha  ! Ha Ha Ha ! Ha Ha Ha !

But , you know what ? Its not funny and its exactly what needs to be done . Fight the rich bastards before they launch their insanity in full force against the masses . We have gone to war over the rich bastards insanity for at least 100 years now .

The goose stepping German Army proudly marches to war and seeks to exterminate the vermin in Europe . How grand ! How loving !

The USA leaves its calling card in Hamburg , Dresden , and Berlin , Incendiary bombs to truely start a HOLOCAUST .

The Japanesse go marching off to war . Oh how loving they were to their neighbor China . Give them some  Bubonic plague and do some demonic medical experiments on them . Treat the American soldiers with love by cutting off their private parts and shoving them in their dead mouths. Prisonors of war ,  well forget about it .

Gee the USA ‘s military did NOT run out of sacrifices to their deities.Incendiary bombs take to many plane loads , we have a special ordered for Hiroshema and Nagasaki . Shadows on the street made in broad daylight , Holocaust and more Holocaust !

Who funded WW1 and WW2 ? Gee trench foot ( Athelete’s foot) and poison bouquet for the troops , how sweet the smell . How do you love your neighbor so!

To think they teach us in schools  to be PROUD that we fought in those wars ! That we torched and killed all those innocent women and children ,  many of them as they slept in their beds . What was their crime ? Did we all do our mothers proud ?

Is it just old money that is bad and does the corrupting ? Did those rich bastards have to grow into their evil ? Become so powerful that they decided they’re above even Ceasar and that the nations have to bow down to them ? If you get rid of those rich bastards , will the new rich bastards be as bad or worse then the old bastards ?

Maybe the problem isn’t because of those rich bastards after all , but , the people for letting them have their evil ways . For not stopping them from having someone fire the first shot ? Did they have to have a DRAFT  to get troops for WW2 ?

Maybe now that we have our computers we can stop wars before they get beyond the planning stages , but , hey , aren’t we in Iraq and Afganistan right now ? Do men love war so ?

We won’t get fooled again !!!  No No No , WE  WON”T  GET  FOOLED  AGAIN !!!!!!! BOY , how many more wars have we been in since The Who first sang that song ? The sorry thing is is that the people will allow their governments to go to war again and again until nuclear bombs start the HOLOCAUSTS all over again .

Shouldn’t we fight our own governments before we allow the NUKES  to start flying ? What’d they do in Romania ? Did you ever think they’d tear down the Berlin Wall , rush KGB headquarters and set the place on fire ?!?! They did , you know . Stop the insanity and get your feet off our necks !

Do you really think the average Chinesse citizen hates us and wants to Nuke us ? The average person in Iran ? I think they’re more afraid of finding the means to feed their children and get them into good jobs then they are afraid of us . I think they hate their elected buttheads for making it so hard to raise their children then they hate us . You think they aren’t living from paycheck to paycheck just like us ? Trying to save for their childrens education just like us ? Worried that their government is getting out of control just like us ? Did Iran just have riots and rebellion in their streets against their own government ?

Are we having giant protest here in America ? Planning on many more ? Did the students in China demand more freedom and liberty ? Did they have a Kent State in Bejing ?

Seems to me that Greece has just had violent protest . There and across Europe . Don’t let our governments brainwash you all into going to war again and again and again . It won’t solve nothing but the rich bastards agendas.

The people are rising up and protesting against their own governments because across the world they are out of control , deaf and dumb to the concerns and problems of their citizens . The governments are in lock step to the agenda of the Bilderbergs . Gasoline burning engines versus hydrogen fuel cells and its not even a fair fight . Rockefellors oil knocks out hydrogen everytime .

The rich bastards rights to start wars and create HOLOCAUSTS tramples the rights of the poor . How can the billions of poor people let them have their way again and again and again ? What are you afraid of losing your homes ? Come on look at the foreclosures !!!!!! Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae !!!!!!!! You all won’t have anything more to lose when your a shadow on the pavement in broad daylight well you ? Or could you live with yourself if your country fires Nukes on Our Mother’s Children wherever they live ?

Amalekites and EVIL doers !

August 17, 2009

Maybe its time that some of you revisited what our heavenly Father said to do to the Amalekites throughout our generations . What can you say for those that will NOT fear our heavenly FATHER no matter what HE does ? How utterly twisted and evil any who will NOT fear the only ONE that has the right ,authority , and wisdom to judge all our souls ? Who is man to question his CREATORS plans ? Did HE not save us from certain death as traitors and rebel angels and give us another chance ? Suffering violence in the heavens for thousands of years cause He wanted to give us FREE WILL and make us complete ? It was the blood of Yehoshua , our Messiah that finally bought an end to the war in heaven where the violent were seeking to take the heavens by force , just as the unholy are trying to force upon us our loss of freedoms and the ability to buy,sell,or trade. Force upon US unholy laws and burdens ! Go to and reallyelijah at facebook and wordpress for much more !

GREATER WORKS will you do then I have done cause I have to return to the FATHER !!!!!!!

August 17, 2009

that’s and See how I prophesied the SWINE FLU outbreak almost a year ahead of the first outbreak in Mexico . How in a court document I prohesied the hurricanes to visit Pat Robertson , his church , and Virginia Beach in Dec of 1998 about the Hurricane season of 1999 ! Hurricane Dennis struck them Twice ! It got them went out to sea turned around and got them again !) Then a letter to Pat on 9/9/99 telling him and his entire church to pray real LOUD now , cause maybe his messiah is taking a nap ,a vacation , or wispering to Eve in the garden, for him to turn aside the next Hurricane , probably Flyod , Flyod’s eye did go right over his church ! Then Hurricane Irene ! How I went to court in Iowa City , Iowa in 2003 demanding diplomatic immunity as a prophet of Yehoshua . When the judge reviewed all my letters and a special review from the Veterans Administration by Dr. Adams that as much declared me a prophet , she denied diplomatic immunity . In my Motion to Dismiss , I said , ” All I can do is to pray for MANY PLAGUES upon you all ( The whole State of Iowa ! )Also a letter to Governor Visack warning him ! The tornado outbreak of April 13th 2005(?) bought 12 tornadoes to Iowa City and Johnson county in one day ! Droughts , hail, and ice storms just a few more plagues to visit them ! Then on December 18th 2007 I put on my blog ( Dec 22,1987 the letter to the people of homes also around this time) Watch out Iowa City , Johnson County , and Iowa !!!!!!! The tags read WEATHER , insanity , and PROPHECY !!!!!!! The floods of 2008 had the new Governor Chet Culver declaring 83 out of 99 counties in IOWA a disaster area due to the floods !!!! Damn near the whole state declared a disaster area !!!!!!! I prophesied in my blog that Tropical Storm Faye would leave Central Florida and go up to our State Capital and sit and spin just to their South !!! The next day Tropical Storm Faye sat and spun all day just to the south of our state capital !!!!!!! So much more on my sites and in my letters . I bring this to you alls attention not for my glory , but , for our CREATOR’s and Messiah’s Glory . To pay special attention to what I’ve been saying and writting about the aPaulSauls Luke and Paul since 1977 !!!!!!! Surely our heavenly Father would cause GREAT WORKS to be preformed by the prophet He sends to starighten the paths that Luke and Paul have made crooked and almost every ” Christian Church” follows Luke and Pauls LIES ( 1 John 2 : 4 ) and blasphemies against our heavenly FATHER’S WORDS that were made flesh and dwelt amonst us !

Interest and Usury Are Destroying This Nation !!!!!!!

August 17, 2009

I wrote a letter in 1989 about USURY or interest . I quoted Deuteronomy 23 : 19 YOU shall NOT charge interest ( Usury ) to your brother–interest on money or food or ANYTHING that is lent out at interest ( Usury. Deut 23:20 To a Foreigner you may charge interest , but to your brother ( Fellow Contrymen ) you shall NOT charge interest ( Usury ), that our Father may bless you in all to which you set your hand in the land which you are entering to possess. I could have included the following and did some of them :
Leviticus 25 : 36 & 37 Take no USURY or INTERSET from him ; but fear your Creator , that your brother ( Countrymen ) may LIVE with you . You shall NOT lend him your money for USURY ( INTEREST ) nor lend him your food at a profit .Exodus 22 : 25 If you lend money to ANY of MY people who are poor among you , you shall NOT be like the money-lender to him; you shall NOT charge him interest ! I ask Montgomery Wards if they were interested in selling goods or more interested in being loan sharks charging their fellow countrymen usury against our FATHERS laws ?
Nehemiah was faced with a great outcry in the 5th chapter . The people had to borrow at interest to pay the kings tax , borrow to buy food , and Mortgaged their lands at INTEREST and USURY , had to sell their children into slavery ( Sound familiar )? This was his reply ; Nehemiah 5 : 6 -19 I am only highlighting some ;  and I became ANGRY when I heard their outcry ! After serious thought , I REBUKED the nobles and rulers , and said to them , “Each of you is exacting USURY ( Interest ) from his brother .” So he called a great assembly against them ( Tea Parties need to include an outcry for returning the FARMERS lands and the people homes and stop the practice of USURY or Interest in the USA ).And I said to them , ” According to our ability we have redemned our JEWISH brethren who were sold to the nations. Now indeed , will you even SELL your BRETHREN ?!?! Or should they be sold to us ? Then they were silenced and found nothing to say .Then I said, ” What you are doing is NOT good. Should you not walk in the fear of our heavenly Father because of the reproach of the nations our enemies ? ” I also , with my brethren and my servants , am lending them money and grain . PLEASE , let US stop this USURY !!!!!!! Restore now to them , even this day , their lands , their vineyards , their olive groves , and their HOUSES , also a hundreth of the money and the grain , the new wine and oil , that you have charged them . ” It goes on and is very interesting , read the rest of the TRUE story . Later he is confronted with and vexed by seeing how many children were running around with BROWN eyes , showing how the people were giving their sons and daughters as wives and husbands to the foreigners around them . Their response was that they would put away those children and not give their children up to the foreigners around them in marriage ( People should get booklet from the New Phileadelphia Church of God , PO BOX 3700 , Edmond , OK 73083 ( Its FREE ). ,titled The United States and Britain in prophecy ; about how Abraham a white man from the land of the north (Europe) with either blue , green , or hazel colored eyes was ” Chosen ” not because he was great amongst the nations ,but the least of all tribes at that time . So that our heavenly FATHER could show the world what it means to be blessed by Him and multiply Abraham’s descendants like the stars of the heavens and the sand of the beaches ! To give him an empire where the sun never sets ! Genesis 26 : 4 & 5 …because Abraham OBEYED  MY  VOICE  and kept My charge , My commandments , My statutes , and My laws ( And most of you say it is Moses law , it is Yehoshua’s law , our heavenly FATHER’S ; Before Abraham was I  AM  !!!!!!! ) Trace the blessing from Abraham to Ephraim and Manasseh ( The USA ) A joint blessing to Ephraim and Manasseh ; You shall be a great company of nations ( Great Britain )You will own the fat of the land ( USA, Canada ,and Australia feed the world ), A fruitful bow that goes beyond the well ( Empire ), You shall OWN  the gates of your enemies ( Suez Canal , Panama Canal , Gibralter , Hong Kong , and many more ! )! Joseph jumps up and says,”Isreal ( Jacob ) your arms are crossed ! ” Isreal replies , ” Yes , I know but Manasseh ( The eldest son ) shall become a great nation ( The USA ) !!!!!!! Psalm 15 : 5  He who does NOT put out his money to USURY or INTEREST , Nor does he take a bribe against the innocent He who DOES these things shall never be moved ( Written by the King )! Jeremiah 15 : 10 Woe to me , my mother , that you have bore me , a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth !!!!!!! I HAVE NEITHER LENT FOR INTEREST ( USURY ), NOR have men LENT to me for INTEREST , every ONE of them curses me !!!!!!!
Ezekiel 18 : 1 – 18 I’m just quoting for space 8 & 9 If he has NOT exacted USURY or INTEREST Nor taken any increase , But , has withdrawn his hand from iniquity And executed true judgement between man and man: If he has WALKED in MY statutes and KEPT My judgements faithfully- He IS JUST : HE SHALL SURELY LIVE !!!!!!! Says our heavenly FATHER , Yehoshua .

There you have it !!!!!!! Our heavenly FATHER from the very beginning outlawed USURY or INTEREST from being charged to fellow countrymen ! If the Jews ignore this it is at their own peril as witnessed in Germany in the late 30’s and early 40’s  . Woe to you who say you are JEWS and are NOT , but , children of the evil one !!!!!!!

What is the USA ( Manasseh ) to do ? What I have been warning them about since 1985 RELENT and REPENT !!!!!!! Return to our Messiah’s (Yehoshua or Joshua ) ways and know that the warning in Deuteronomy chapter 8 is at hand !!!!!!! We have already lost the Panama Canal and Hong Kong because of our disobedience to our Father and Messiah , Yehoshua’s laws,commandments,precepts, ordinces,statutes, and judgements ! This nation today says , ” It is not by our heavenly  FATHER’S  blessing that this is a GREAT  NATION  , but by our own might and great works of our hands that have made stealth fighters and bombers , atomic submarines , cruise missles , HARP , abrams tanks , and nuclear bombs !!!!!!!  We have taken the 10 commandments out of our courtrooms and replaced looking after the orphans and widows with CORPORATE  LAWS  and ignore our FATHER and His laws and commandments ! Mainly cause of the writtings of the aPaulSauls Luke and Paul,the first Anti-Christs to arrive on the scene and try to destroy our Messiah’s greatest victory of dieing on the cross and being resurrected cause the laws and commandments were found to be without spot or blemish , perfect , and full of love and justice ! Who are they to go against Matthew 5 : 17 – 22 I DID NOT COME TO DO AWAY WITH THE LAWS !!!!!!! … not one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the laws or commandments until the heaven and earth pass away and ALL is fullfilled … ! 1 John 2 : 4 ANYONE ( You , Me , Luke , or Paul ) says , ” I know Yehoshua ( Joshua ) and keeps  NOT  His commandments is a LIAR and the truth is NOT in them !!!!!!! ”
I’m afraid that the only ONES to be saved from this nation is going to be a REMNANT of the peoples . I am fighting everyday to try to make that Remnant as large as possible . What are you doing with your second chance to be with our CREATOR and FATHER ? Our first chance was when we listened to the devil in heaven and turned our backs on our FATHER and CREATOR , Yehoshua ! Mankind is the 1/3 of the REBEL ANGELS ! Let’s reduce his 1/3 of us in the devils ONLY kingdom the , earth !!!!!!! Don’t be upset with our heavenly FATHER and MESSIAH for how the devil rules his only kingdom !!!!!!!

Diplomatic Immunity,Same Sex marriages,Hogs,and Iowa !!!

August 9, 2009


Did you learn Braille yet ? Start signing or yelling and maybe your messiah will hear ya ! How’s that Our Lady Of Peace song go ? You know , CLUMSY !!!!!!!  I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or LOUD !!!!!!! And ya really need a FRIEND ya need to let HIM  in I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud !!!!!! ……. and Jim  Oldham  and  Jim  Oldham  and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham  and  Jim  Oldham

Let the games begin !

July 30, 2009

Your last several Emperors have sat in the HIGH SEAT and declared the games openings . Oh what a slaughter ! EMPORER Bush and the New World Order ; children blown apart in Iraq , blood and OIL flows in the dessert to ! ! Emporer Clinton opens the stock market to all kinds of fun and games ;  Las Vegas rules reign SUPREME !  Children burned , a building falls , and the Domestic Anti-Terrorist Act ! Emporer Bush sends in the Corporations to rape and kill the innocents ; the high towers come tumbling down along with whatever rights we had left ! His friends sell hazardous waste as fertilizer to our farmers . BLOOD flows in distant mountains and the mighty Euphrates ! He points a finger at the enemy while three are pointing back at him ! Now what sits on the HIGH SEAT but the evil one himself ! He’s dancing a jig while America is burning ; He smiles brightly while his friends are preparing to kill the orphans and the widows ! He’s in bed with the bilderbergs and wallstreet while the streets are filled with blood . From his seat the games rage on , the likes of which have never been seen . The smoke from all those burning 401’s and retirements have blinded the spectators; so he becomes the commentator revealing what he will and hiding the rest ! Why are you tearing down our homes and cities and restoring them to parklands ? Herding us up like cattle to the slaughter ? Well you spare my daughter ? You give your plans  to the Czars ; send in the gladiators to mow down the clowns as you suck on your fat cigar ! You wipe your ass with The Constitution ; each day that goes by your makin Michelle so proud of your nation !

The courts have turned into a treacherous den of thieves ; justice to the highest bidder ! Part of this UCC , part of that common law , and part ego . Thanks to the Corporations for donating to my campaign .  Its  INTERNATIONAL  COMMERCIAL  LAW ! Corporations Vs serfs and the slaves lose everytime !  UCC 1-207 and 103 if  you reserve your rights without prejudice  under INTERNATIONAL  COMMERCIAL  LAW or the UCC then a seat belt or speeding ticket in order to be fined under TORT STATE LAW ,  the court must produce the injured party , but the only one injured is you and your wallet unless you stand informed and are brave .

Lies , Lies , and LIARS rule DC  ; Won’t find any Brutus there ! Slant everything to your biggest contributors and dam your constituents that VOTE for you . Why would a millionaire want to take a job that pays only 173,000 a year ? How much is paid under that table of theirs ? They blow your tax dollars worse than a kid in a candy store with a pocketful of money ! They aren’t accountable for your tax dollars but you will be ; every dollar with interest !

Let the hordes invade our borders ! Invite them in ! Give their armies a legal right to be here ! Its EMINENT ! Its his DOMAIN !

Yehoshua save us and at the right time gather us that truely love You , keep Your words , and do Your will , to one place and let our clothes and shoes not wear out , and feed us manna from heaven 6 days a week, and let pure water flow from the rocks !!!!!!! Gather us in like a hen and fold Your wings around us and protect us ! In that day there well be ONE  people and ONE  Father and His name well be ONE   ( Zechariah 14 : 9 ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama’s Lovefest With The Chinese.

July 14, 2009

We all know Whosesane Obama is working on giving us all FREE health care cause he loves us so . Right off the bat , it would COST US ALL at least TWO TRILLION DOLLARS !!!!!! Does that sound like FREE HEALTH CARE to you ? Why does the world news and Fox keep saying China is looking at Obama’s proposal to determine if the USA can afford it ? What happens if Beijing determines we can’t afford FREE HEALTH CARE ? This smacks as even more than China having EMINENT DOMAIN in america !!!!!!! All of a sudden we have to run all legislation and programs through Beijing to get their stamp of approval before trying to cram it through Congress ? Just what the hell did Whosesane Obama do to us all anyways? Come on Obama you already gave the Chinesse TRILLIONS of reasons why they are so interested in our affairs . Did you through in the kitchen sink along with granting them EMINENT DOMAIN ?!?!?!?!?! ANYONE who reads this better do some digging and find out just how FREE we are in America . Shouldn’t we all get to decide who we would rather be slaves to ? Do you all really think even if the USA corporation files bankruptcy again that you ,your children , and grandchildren won’t have to repay every dollar this nation has borrowed ? For your answers don’t look to the Constitution , but the RULE OF LAW , whatever the hell that is !!!!!!! Funny , I can’t find them words in the CONSTITUTION .

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