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Iowa FLOODING 2010 !!!!!!!

August 14, 2010

What is wrong with you IOWANS ? Don’t you all know how to pray ? Who to pray to ? Any of you have any faith at all . I mean other than in HOGS and Homosexuals ? You all gonna get washed away in the floods ? What’s with the 500 year flood events every TWO years ? You all piss your Creator off or something ?
Well, let me tell you all something . When you walk CONTRARY to your Messiah,heavenly Father,and Creator after all He has done for you all . After all He has shown you all . Don’t you suppose your FATHER isn’t going to spank you hard ? After 21 spankings and you still walk CONTRARY to HIM don’t you all suppose HE is really going to act with WRATHFUL HOSTILITY against you all Leviticus 26:28-30 . WALK CONTRARY TO YOU ALL IN A FURY ?!?!
I know you all know about a loving Messiah is , but , did you ever consider what a FURIOUS MESSIAH would be like ? What a FURIOUS Messiah would do to your homes , cities , and state ? You think He is through walking contrary to you all in a FURY ? Think again !!!!!!! Have you all put on sackcloth and wailed for Him to relent ? Have you all relented ? Repented ?

Des Moines FLOODING !!!!!!!

August 14, 2010

Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Governor Chet Culver , when are ya gonna learn ? Iowa News didn’t run my comments , since I haven’t gotten any feedback . What a shame . They didn’t want their readers to have a chance to see our heavenly Father , Joshua at work giving them sure signs . The article was on flooding in Des Moines and they said that Des Moines had suffered Two days of heavy rain and that the area was expecting another round of rain that night , but , that the rivers could take it .

I said in my comment , ” Isn’t that what they said about the Titanic ? That NOT even G_D could sink her ? I wrote about my court visit in Iowa City in 2003 where I demanded Diplomatic Immunity as a prophet of the Most High Case No.SRCRO66132 State of Iowa Vs (G_D) James Oldham. How in my Motion to Dismiss after being denied Diplomatic Immunity in spite of all my letters to elected officials that had hundreds of prophesies that all came to pass and other court papers from Melbourne, Fl in Dec of 1998 , I put a CURSE on Iowa of  MANY  PLAGUES ( More than 10, more than 10o  !!!!!!!  Play CLUMSY for me Ha Ha Ha I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud … and ya really need a FRIEND ( I hope you chose the right Messiah out of the over 1001 false messiahs out there being preached in over 1001 different BRANDS of Christianity out there !!!!!!!)

12 Inches of rain is not enuf to get through their thick sculls !

August 11, 2010

Well  tonight  tonight  tonight  OLDHAM well  tonight  tonight  tonight OLDHAM  !!! Well Chet yeah Governor Culver scream for my arrest today after the rains broke DesMoinse ?

Eygypt was an example to the world .

August 3, 2010

So is Iowa an example to the USA and the world . See how our Messiah is smashing Iowa into POTSHERD . Stretch out YOUR mighty ARM Joshua IsReal and smash them GOOD !!!!!!! Show them and the world what it means to walk contrary to YOU !!!!!!! Show us what walking against them in a FURY is all about !!!!!!! Show your rebellious children who they should listen to and fear . Proverbs 1:7 Fear of our Messiah is the beginning of understanding !!!!!!! 700 PLAGUES OF IOWA !!!!!!!

Omaha , Atlantic , DesMoinse Express ! Oh My !!!!!!!

August 3, 2010

Whole lotta rockin goin on in Iowa tonight ! Didn’t I just write this awhile ago ? Oh Yeah , last night ! Governor Chet Culver of Iowa we gotta stop meetin like this . It all seems to be a one way conversation though . A lot like your rantin and ravin trying to get through to your FAKE  Deity whoever the hell it is . You aught to try picking a different Messiah to pray to Chet that one doesn’t seem to be workin for ya . But don’t worry there’s at least5 a 1000 more Messiahs to choose from . Hey , three guesses for a nickle as to which ONE the righht ONE is . I know how you have been fighting to raise your leevees and strengthen them and all , and I know how much you are praying that our heavenly Father spares Iowa from those 500 year flood events that seem to be happening every few years now . Ha  !!!  How’s your signing coming along ? You try putting your petitions to  your deity in Braille now ? Try screaming and jumping on one leg Chet , an maybe that well work for ya . Ask  Senator Grassley for a copy of the letter I wrote him about who the REAL  MESSIAH  is . Study it and pray about what I wrote him and then maybe you’ll relent and repent , put on sackcloth and yell , cry , and beg our HOLY  REDEEMER  for forgiveness . Then ya can ask your fellow Iowans to put on sackcloth and pray for forgiveness and an end to the plagues I sent your way . Yeah read my Motion to Dismiss and my letter to former Governor Vilsack . Ask for transcripts of  my court appearence in Iowa City , Case No. SRCRO66132 where I demanded Diplomatic Immunity as a parrot of the Most High , Joshua IsReal . Study all my letters and documents and you’ll be on your way to picking the right Messiah out of the over 1001 different Messiahs being taught in over a 1001 different ” BRANDS ” of Christian churches out there .

If not , well try putting Our Lady Of Peace on , you know which song by now don’t ya Chet ? Yeah , Clumsy !!!!!!!

I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or LOUD  !!!!!!! And ya really need a FRIEND ( The HOLY  REDEEMER , Joshua IsReal ) !!!!!!!  There’s really nothing funny about this ( Try jumping up and down and shakin like a lunatic havin grand Seizure and rollin around in the thorne bushes to get through to your deaf , dumb , and blind deity you’ve been prayin to ) I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream …  and  Jim Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham and  Jim  Oldham  and Jim OldHAM  ( Iowa Vs Jim Oldham , a parrot ) .

Hole Lot of Rocking Going on in Iowa Tonight !

August 3, 2010

Oh MY are those super Cells on the March into DesMoinse , Iowa City , and  A Big Chunk Of Iowa ? Hey Chet ! Governor Culver ! Do you remember the question I asked ya a while back ? Your favorite wet screeching parrot , jim


July 23, 2010

Governor Culver ,

CC the mighty outstretched arm Of JOSHUA   ISREAL . Genesis , TONIGHT  TONIGHT  TONIGHT ,  OLDHAM   !!!!!!!  Well , TONIGHT Tonight  Tonight  OLDHAM  Well  Tonight  tonight  tonight  OLDHAM  Vs  STATE  OF  IOWA  SRCRO66132  I demand Diplomatic Immunity as a prophet and Ambassador  Of  Joshua  ISREAL  our Creator , Messiah , and heavenly FATHER .

Play a little Our Lady Of Peace , CLUMSY  , I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud  …  and ya really need a FRIEND ( Choose the right ONE out of the over 1001 false messiahs out their !!!!!!! ) Pray real loud now cause maybe your deity is taking a nap or on vacation or WHISPERING  TO  EVE  IN  THE  GARDEN  !!!!!!!    I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream …  and  JIM   OLDHAM  …  and  JIM  OLDHAM  … and Jim  Oldham …….

Chet , maybe Vilsack is gettin Alzheimers or somethin , he never seems to learn . It was my decision repeated 100 times in a roll makes people doubt that he came up with this on his own. Oh well, I’ll be watchin ya drown … and  Jim oldHAM   !!!!!!!

November 16th in Vierra Courtroom at 9:00 AM Showdown !!!!!!!

November 9, 2009

Hey Governor Crist maybe now you can see that mighty outstretched Arm of our Creator,Messiah,and Father Yehoshua IsReal ! Ya better run to a jet and catch a flight to IsReal so you can put in some more prayer request to SAVE  FLORIDA  from floods and winds !!!!!!! Come on Charlie we all know what a GREAT  MAN  OF  GOD  you think you are . If worse comes to worse you can use sign language or Braille I told you to learn , so you can get through to your god who is deaf ,dumb,and blind . Pray to the aPaulSaul ( aPaulSoul ) Paul and Luke to save Florida !

Answer them FATHER as to how well they keep your Sabbaths,laws,commandments,precepts , ordinances,and judgements as to how the pan handle of Florida fairs from Tropical Storm  Ida . Answer Charlie Crist just like I asked You to answer Pat Robertson and his entire church for the hurricane season of 1999 in my warning in a court document in December of 1998 : Mountainside Finance  Vs  James  R  Oldham Case NO.  98-19375-CC-2  or 05-1998-CC-019375-XXXX-XX  filing date 10/20/1998 MOUNTAINSIDE  VS  OLDHAM JAMES   Defendant Ptept Id 1465906  Plaintiff  Ptept Id 1490019   .

Florida should  NOT  have remained silent after the hurricanes hit Virginia Beach in 1999 and now 10 YEARS  AFTER , 10 YEARS  LATER as I have written in my last blog concerning floods to all the cities were effected badly except Montgomery , Talahassee , and Atlanta . Guess what as prophesied here comes your floods. You gonna say I got lucky again ? Well all I can say is AGAIN   AND  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN   AND  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN  AND  Again  and  again  and   again  AND   AGAIN   AND  AGAIN AND  Again !!!!!!!  SEE  SEE  CC  CC  ( Charlie Crist ) the mighty outstretched arm of our heavenly FATHER . Strike Florida good with Your rod FATHER . Strike Talahassee good !!!  How about some tornadoes to !!!!!!!

Governor Charlie Crist you are a BUTTHEAD . Take me to court,jail me,crucify me you PROUD and BOASTFUL BUTTHEAD !!!!!!!Your prayers at the wailing wall saved Daytona Beach from record flooding ? The potatoe farmers a little north of there ? Right !!!!!!!  And we’re only talkin this year ! What about last year when I asked our heavenly FATHER , Yehoshua to take Tropical Storm Fay up to you Governor Crist and let it sit and spin just to your South of the State Capital !!!!!!!  Did our FATHER  honor your prayers for Florida then ? No ! So what possessed you to declare to the news media down here how you go to Jerusalem every year and leave prayers there to protect FLORIDA ? Your full of PRIDE for yourself , more presumptious than Pat Robertson was . You better get real and find out what IsReal  and what is not .

Central Florida FLOODING !!!!!!!

June 8, 2009

More flooding rains !!!!!!!  Are you ready for the next hurricane to pay Central Florida a visit Charlie ? After paying us a visit , She should slowing meander up to pay WhoSane a visit . Since DC is such a hospitable place maybe she’ll stay awhile and file for a green card . She’ll overstay her visit just as DC has overstayed its visit in Iraq . Our Father isn’t playing around anymore !!!!!!! Its been 32 years since I had my showdown at Ft. Belvoir and Walter Reed Hospital , when I filed as a 1AO , Conscientious Objector , and rewarded with retirement as a lunatic . Rights ? Whose Sane ? 24 years of writting prophetic letters that our heavenly Father continues to fullfil !!!!!! Swine flu ,hurricanes in 1999 to pay Pat Robertson and his church a visit according to a court document filed in a Melbourne Courthouse in Florida in December of 1998 just as was written . So many plagues to visit Iowa City,Johnson County,and The State of Iowa as I stated in 2003 when I demanded Diplomatic Immunity . I shook the dust off my feet when I left Toledo and Ohio . Shook the dust off my feet when I left Clarksville , Nashville, and the State of Tennessee . Oh Tallahassee and Florida how I wish you’d have been more respectful of all my attempts to show its citizens the WAY to our heavenly FATHER . His mighty outstretched Arm at work again and again and again !!!!!!! Doesn’t anyone in Florida fear the judgements of The Holy ONE Of ISREAL ? The WORDS of our heavenly FATHER made flesh , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) ?!?! Oh FATHER , Bring a hurricane to Central Florida soon !!!!!!! When its left here take it to DC and let it sit and spin for days there !!!!!!! Father let Your will be done not mine . When I go to court in Vierra , Florida , You do the talking !!!!!!!

Iowa Floods,Swine Flu,Hogs,and Homosexuals.

June 6, 2009

Hey Chet,

What ya think ? Should ya get out your prayer rug ? Start filling sandbags? Answer my letter?

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