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Prophesies since 1985 which our Father has fullfilled again and again and again !!!!!!!

June 11, 2009

If any of you readers want to know why I’m so confident that our heavenly Father will answer my prayers and blogs , you all need to go to  or  . I started blogging because your elected buttheads have done nothing about these miracles of our Messiah , Yehoshua ( Joshua ) fullfilling my prophetic letters and court appearences . Also all the newspapers and TV stations I sent letters to did NOTHING !!!!!!!  Why were they all so adamant about denying our Father His glory ? Wishing He had stayed buried no doubt !!!!!!!  All the BS they feed us everyday !!! Why not write or talk about one more opinion ?  In 1977 I started my war with this government when I filed as a conscientious objector while serving in the US Army . My first letter dated April 13 , 1985 to President Reagan started my prophetic mission . All but the prophesies yet to come to pass have been fullfilled by our heavenly Father , IsReal !!!!!!!

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