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June 9, 2013


Christianity is a dieing religion in America . Is the smooth or easy way of Paul the reason for  Christianities death in America ? Shouldn’t miracles and prophesies come to pass for a prophet that our Messiah sends ?

James Oldham and Prophecy

March 30, 2010

I started  publishing PROPHECIES in earnest at the end of 2007 . On Yahoo 360 ( Transferred to WordPress when 360 ended ) December 18,2007 I give a warning to Iowa City,Johnson County,and Iowa . The tags contained weather,insanity,and prophecy . Iowa had already received many plagues since my courthouse appearences in Iowa City where I demanded Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador and Prophet of our heavenly Father and Messiah , the Holy ONE Isreal . That warning brought the floods of 2008 to Iowa where 83 of 97 Counties were declared disasters from the flooding. has some more warnings and prophecies . I have prophecied that in spite of Town Hall meetings , Tea Party stops at cities across America protesting ObamaCare and their stop at DC and the giant rally there that Congress was still going to ram ObamCare up our butts ! My prophecy of Swine Flu outbreak on June 29 , 2008 and my post that sent Tropical Storm Fay to Tallahassee , FL to sit and spin just to their South all came true .

So so many more prophecies that our heavenly Father , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) inspired me to write and post ! Why inspire me if He is not going to fullfill them ? He fullfilled them all so that you all can see and believe that He sent me . So that He can show you all that I am preaching the words He gave me about Luke and Paul being LIARS and anti-Christ . I was NOT the first to call them LIARS , John the beloved disciple called them LIARS first in 1 John 2 : 4.

Now when you Google , James Oldham and prophecy , I’ll pop up first second, and third ! Ignore my warnings at your own peril , but my conscious will be clear . I stuck my neck way out for you all cause I love you all . and wish that none were lost . Rocks splitting , the ground tearing , Typhoons , Floods , Swine Flu , New Madrid fault line , and so much more . so much more earlier warnings at . A place of some very good info and warnings . See you there . jim

OBAMA NATION Check out Richmond , Norfolk , and VA Beach !!!!!!!

November 12, 2009

Gee Obama , your the great techna whatever that Saudi King crowned ya with.I don’t suppose ya think you should get out your prayer rug yet do ya ? I mean before Eastern Virginia and Richmond wash away , huh ?!?!?! I mean, your GOD ( According to MSNBC ) and our Messiah by so many . You gonna stand by and watch OBAMA NATION wash away ? Spread out your wings , ah I mean arms , and stop this no named storm from wrecking your nation .

As for me I just keep praying for more wind and rain and put on Our Lady Of Peace and listen to their song CLUMSY … I’ll be waving my hand  WATCHIN  YA  DROWN watchin ya scream quiet or LOUD Ya really need a FRIEND ; THERE”S  NOTHING  FUNNY  ABOUT  THIS … I’ll be watchin ya drown …….(At the end of the song) …and Jim  Oldham  and Jim Oldham …and Jim  OldHAM !

Prophet , married to Shelley Oldham , a witness.

June 4, 2009

Shelley went with me when I personally handed copies of my letters to Shannon , a DJ at WKDF in Nashville,TN . She was with me when I took letters to Governor Ned McWherter’s office in 1989. She has seen the awesome coming of our FATHER as He stretched out His Mighty ARM again and again and again fullfilling all that I wrote .

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