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June 9, 2013


Christianity is a dieing religion in America . Is the smooth or easy way of Paul the reason for  Christianities death in America ? Shouldn’t miracles and prophesies come to pass for a prophet that our Messiah sends ?

James Oldham and Prophecy

March 30, 2010

I started  publishing PROPHECIES in earnest at the end of 2007 . On Yahoo 360 ( Transferred to WordPress when 360 ended ) December 18,2007 I give a warning to Iowa City,Johnson County,and Iowa . The tags contained weather,insanity,and prophecy . Iowa had already received many plagues since my courthouse appearences in Iowa City where I demanded Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador and Prophet of our heavenly Father and Messiah , the Holy ONE Isreal . That warning brought the floods of 2008 to Iowa where 83 of 97 Counties were declared disasters from the flooding. has some more warnings and prophecies . I have prophecied that in spite of Town Hall meetings , Tea Party stops at cities across America protesting ObamaCare and their stop at DC and the giant rally there that Congress was still going to ram ObamCare up our butts ! My prophecy of Swine Flu outbreak on June 29 , 2008 and my post that sent Tropical Storm Fay to Tallahassee , FL to sit and spin just to their South all came true .

So so many more prophecies that our heavenly Father , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) inspired me to write and post ! Why inspire me if He is not going to fullfill them ? He fullfilled them all so that you all can see and believe that He sent me . So that He can show you all that I am preaching the words He gave me about Luke and Paul being LIARS and anti-Christ . I was NOT the first to call them LIARS , John the beloved disciple called them LIARS first in 1 John 2 : 4.

Now when you Google , James Oldham and prophecy , I’ll pop up first second, and third ! Ignore my warnings at your own peril , but my conscious will be clear . I stuck my neck way out for you all cause I love you all . and wish that none were lost . Rocks splitting , the ground tearing , Typhoons , Floods , Swine Flu , New Madrid fault line , and so much more . so much more earlier warnings at . A place of some very good info and warnings . See you there . jim

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