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AMERICA , The fat lady is singing , turn out the lights .

March 26, 2012

Whose heads did Abrahams blessing rest on ? Ephraim ( Great Britain ) and Manasseh ( USA ) who became like the stars of the heavens and the sands of the seashores . America is truely the PROMISED  LAND where milk and honey flowed . What good is that blessing when nearly everyone is ignorant of it and has taken our FATHER out of the courthouses , schools , and our mothers childrens minds and hearts ? They are taught instead that we are a great nation because of our nuke subs , stealth fighters and bombers , cruise missles , abrahms tanks , and other works of our hands .

Our  LAMB was what made us great . Who freed us and showed us how to walk as  HE  walked ( Please read chapter 26 of Leviticus ) .

And after ALL this , if you do not obey  ME , but walk contrary to  ME , then I also will walk contrary to you in  FURY  , and I , even I , will chastise you seven times for your sins . You shall eat the flesh of your sons , and you shall eat the flesh of your daughters …I will cast your carcasses on the lifeless forms of your idols … I will lay your cities waste and bring your sanctuaries to desolation …

I have been schooling you all for 26 years and its time for finals . Pass or fail . Eternity in heaven or hell .

Joshua is going to march into the  PROMISED  LAND with  HIS  army of choppers , eaters , and locusts . They will not be turned aside or stopped until the land is covered in stubble , and then wave after wave will come and eat even the stubble that is left , till the bare land lies naked under the fierce sun waiting for the screeching winds . The lands will finally enjoy their Sabbath . The heartland of America will blow into DC and beyond . A testimony to your politicians that  LAWLESSNESS   ABOUNDS  .

The rule of law ? It is what any judge or politician imagines it to be . Freedoms won only enslaved you more . Disemboweled your constitution and took you further from your  LAMB  that could make you whole .Because you forsook your Creator your love has grown cold and you have allowed a wicked Jezebel to beguile your mothers children and take their innocence away .

When the ships are down , he will be ordered to stand down . Then you all will know how deep and wide the betrayal and oath breakers goes . You will be shipped off like cattle to slave in foreign lands and everyones hand will be raised against you . Fear will replace your haughtiness .

For those that cry out to their REDEEMER whereever they end up . Joshua IsReal will remember  HIS  promises of old and save you in the end .

Let the world see what happens to America and look with their mouths gaping open at how our  FURIOUS  LAMB ‘s  Anger burned so hot at  HIS  wayward and rebellious children . Those chosen ones who received the best of the best and betrayed  HIM  the most . Preaching blasphemies against HIM ,  HIS  words , laws , commandments , precepts , ordinances , and judgements . How they allowed Paul to attack HIS words spoken in Matthew 5 : 17-20 by letting Romans 6 : 14 stand . How they let Luke and Paul destroy most all of the commandments and laws in Acts 15 : 23-29 in spite of Johns warning in 1 John 2 : 4  that they  BOTH are  LIARS  and the truth is  NOT in them . How they ALL sat back and let the Jesuits destroy their nation and turn them all into slaves equal with cattle . Let the Gentiles  that see ,  know that their turn for correction is also at hand .

Two world wars and Germany and Europe left in ruins means nothing to them at all . They will rule the world and have a 1000 year reign !!!!!!!  Really ? Do you have any idea what a 200 million man army can and will do to you ? Babylon has fallen ! Rejoice all you on the earth for they have forced you all to drink the wine of her abominations . Rejoice and know that soon your  LAMB will appear in the heavens to take you to a New Jerusalem and a new earth .

The Bilderbergs And China !!!!!!!

August 30, 2010

Stalin and Mao , did they do their mothers proud ? Monsters , yet they were only following orders . For real this time , yeah , the Bilderbergs gave them their marching orders . Starve them , throw them into prison , and kill them there’s to many of them GOYIM ( USELESS F_CKING EATERS ) anyways !!!!!!!

China show us you will bow to the Bilderbergs and we will make you a great nation !!!!!!!!! We DECREE that your citizens can have only ONE child !!!!!!! Show us that you know we are G_D !!!!!!! Show us you can truely follow our dictates ! That The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are Supreme Deities and we will gift you with Super Computers,Nuclear Secrets,and Manufacturing wonders !!!!!!! How to make your missles fly further and carry heavier payloads ! Oh , and what we can give you to improve your guidance systems .

Yes, and we will let you attack and destroy the people you hate most , the ones we fear most about getting in our way( TWO times already) !

Yes, we are the MIGHTY  and  Strong , bend over and kiss our Ah Sols , and we will make you the Greatest Nation On The Earth ! When we KNOW you Love and Worship us . When we’re sure we own you lot stock and barrel we will turn you loose on the world , but do NOT harm The Holy Roman Empire in its final form , Protect your King !

Would you bite the hand that feeds you ? All those military secrets ? Manufacturing wonders ? How to build better nukes ? After we knocked down ALL trade barriers ? We made you and we can destroy you because you are Goyim beneath our  feet . It was not by your intellect or the mighty works of your hands that made you a great nation . It was by US raping the USA , and giving you their first and second born that have made you a great nation . Yeah , by The Jesuits , Masons, and Bilderbergs we gave you your might , but , just remember , you are nothing beneath our feet , and we’ll keep that  golden collar on your necks, as long as you keep WORSHIPPING  US  .Woof  woof when we say speak and go fetch us our paper in the appropriate time .

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