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The HONORABLE Judge A B Majeed

March 6, 2012

I have corrected a mistake I made concerning Judge Majeed in my comments and at . I also have posted a video at . In my video I told Judge Majeed that I had misjudged him and I hope that I have done enough since then to let everyone know that I have stood before MANY judges across this nation and the ONLY  judge that I can honestly use the word  HONORABLE is for Judge A B Majeed . I should have reserved my judgement for him on more than just one day in his courtroom that I have to admit was a ruckus that day . He was terribly overbooked that day . I have stood before him TWO more times since I posted those comments about him and I did make a rush to judgement and was wrong . One day spent in his court room is not enough time to judge a whole lifetime at his job . I wish Judge Majeed and his family the best and that Joshua would bless him and his . jim

Showdown On 12/22/09 in Vierra Courthouse early in the morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 30, 2009

For the third time andf maybe this will be the charm , NOT !!!!!!! BUT  FOR  AN  INJURY ya mighta had a case. Does that vulgar traffic cop know what is required to file a valid cause of action ? Without a valid cause there is NO  STANDING  !!! Judge Majeed , I gave you an opportunity to bow out gracefully and you declined , so now must I embarrass and piss you off ? You think you know so much and operate your court like it is a free clinic , ONLY  THERE  IS  NOTHING  FREE  ABOUT  IT . When your name is called form a line !!!!!!!  Hurry  up  now !!!!!!!  Run you dumb ass criminals !!!!! Run so I can hear your change jingleling in your pockets so I can get your last penny. Where were you when I called your name , now hurry up !!!!

Is that anyway to treat your neighbors in a court of law? Is this why 157 Brevard lawyers give A.B. Majeed the lowest score of ALL COUNTY JUDGES ? RUNNING  AROUND CITIZENS IN HIS COURTROOM CAUSE HE HAS TO MANY SCHEDULED FOR THAT DAY?Treating them like recruits and he is their DRILL  SARGEANT !?!?! How much money have you illegally stolen from Brevard Citizens that voted you unto that bench ? You are a disgrace to what Moses and his wife’s dad envisioned for a system of judges and courts. You should have remembered your roots and had compassion for the widows and orphans , the poor among us !!!!!!! You, Judge Majeed are the biggest most pompous asshole I have ever met !

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