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Traffic Cops Are Working Overtime !!!!!!!

December 1, 2009

I need to direct all of you who are interested in UCC 1-207 and how to win almost every traffic ticket in court. I am NOT a lawyer and this is NOT legal advice , but, its true and shocking that our courts are being run by PIRATES,Thieves , and Scoundrels . To get the statutes you need in your state , please go to . Take a good look at this site , alot of good tips here. I hope you have a safe and happy journey across this great land . jim

UCC 1-207 Reserving your common law rights.

November 30, 2009

This is not a legal opinion or am I giving you legal counsel , you have to decide as a matter of conscious what is right for you . Why is it necessary to before signing any legal paper or contract should you write , ” Under Protest and Without Prejudice ” ? I also write  UCC1-207 then sign my name.

This is the only small section of the entire Uniform Commercial Code ( U.C.C. ) that allows you to reserve your legal rights under Common  Law . The powers that be included it so they wouldn’t have to admit that our Creditors wholly own the USA Corporation after it filed bankruptcy.Don’t take my word for it ,check out Anderson’s 2nd edition in plain language at your Law Library .

If you don’t put this on your traffic ticket you can’t at a later date reserve your rights . It has to be a timely reservation of your rights.

This also protects you from hidden clauses and partial contracts ! Why do police make you sign traffic ticket or go directly to jail? This gives jurisdiction and supposedly gives standing .

Most traffic cops don’t know shit about bringing a valid CAUSE of Action against you , and the ticket itself  is  NOT  a valid CAUSE Of Action . If there is no accident involved there is no injury or damage and every cause has to have an injury that could be redressed by the court. This fullfills the obligation of the court to protect and maintain individual rights.

It may NOT always be necessary to reserve your rights as most traffic courts would NOT want to admit they operate under The UCC and not state statutes , but, be aware that they are open to take your money anyway they can with some appearence of legitimacy.

Check out my earlier post and watch about your Right to Travel.

Courts are a den of thieves . The pirates in our midst.

November 30, 2009

PIRATES !!! Oh my ! They want to steal my hard won money ! Take me to traffic court and try to scam me and steal from me and you !!!!!!!

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