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NWO,CFR,TC,and the Bilderbergs are the problem !!!!!!!

August 18, 2010

Of all the wars fought throughout history has their ever been a war where the poor have fought against the rich ? I understand that the poor couldn’t go to the Cabal of International bankers and say , ” We need to borrow a few billion to fight a war , and we need it at low interest ! ” Ha Ha Ha  ! Ha Ha Ha ! Ha Ha Ha !

But , you know what ? Its not funny and its exactly what needs to be done . Fight the rich bastards before they launch their insanity in full force against the masses . We have gone to war over the rich bastards insanity for at least 100 years now .

The goose stepping German Army proudly marches to war and seeks to exterminate the vermin in Europe . How grand ! How loving !

The USA leaves its calling card in Hamburg , Dresden , and Berlin , Incendiary bombs to truely start a HOLOCAUST .

The Japanesse go marching off to war . Oh how loving they were to their neighbor China . Give them some  Bubonic plague and do some demonic medical experiments on them . Treat the American soldiers with love by cutting off their private parts and shoving them in their dead mouths. Prisonors of war ,  well forget about it .

Gee the USA ‘s military did NOT run out of sacrifices to their deities.Incendiary bombs take to many plane loads , we have a special ordered for Hiroshema and Nagasaki . Shadows on the street made in broad daylight , Holocaust and more Holocaust !

Who funded WW1 and WW2 ? Gee trench foot ( Athelete’s foot) and poison bouquet for the troops , how sweet the smell . How do you love your neighbor so!

To think they teach us in schools  to be PROUD that we fought in those wars ! That we torched and killed all those innocent women and children ,  many of them as they slept in their beds . What was their crime ? Did we all do our mothers proud ?

Is it just old money that is bad and does the corrupting ? Did those rich bastards have to grow into their evil ? Become so powerful that they decided they’re above even Ceasar and that the nations have to bow down to them ? If you get rid of those rich bastards , will the new rich bastards be as bad or worse then the old bastards ?

Maybe the problem isn’t because of those rich bastards after all , but , the people for letting them have their evil ways . For not stopping them from having someone fire the first shot ? Did they have to have a DRAFT  to get troops for WW2 ?

Maybe now that we have our computers we can stop wars before they get beyond the planning stages , but , hey , aren’t we in Iraq and Afganistan right now ? Do men love war so ?

We won’t get fooled again !!!  No No No , WE  WON”T  GET  FOOLED  AGAIN !!!!!!! BOY , how many more wars have we been in since The Who first sang that song ? The sorry thing is is that the people will allow their governments to go to war again and again until nuclear bombs start the HOLOCAUSTS all over again .

Shouldn’t we fight our own governments before we allow the NUKES  to start flying ? What’d they do in Romania ? Did you ever think they’d tear down the Berlin Wall , rush KGB headquarters and set the place on fire ?!?! They did , you know . Stop the insanity and get your feet off our necks !

Do you really think the average Chinesse citizen hates us and wants to Nuke us ? The average person in Iran ? I think they’re more afraid of finding the means to feed their children and get them into good jobs then they are afraid of us . I think they hate their elected buttheads for making it so hard to raise their children then they hate us . You think they aren’t living from paycheck to paycheck just like us ? Trying to save for their childrens education just like us ? Worried that their government is getting out of control just like us ? Did Iran just have riots and rebellion in their streets against their own government ?

Are we having giant protest here in America ? Planning on many more ? Did the students in China demand more freedom and liberty ? Did they have a Kent State in Bejing ?

Seems to me that Greece has just had violent protest . There and across Europe . Don’t let our governments brainwash you all into going to war again and again and again . It won’t solve nothing but the rich bastards agendas.

The people are rising up and protesting against their own governments because across the world they are out of control , deaf and dumb to the concerns and problems of their citizens . The governments are in lock step to the agenda of the Bilderbergs . Gasoline burning engines versus hydrogen fuel cells and its not even a fair fight . Rockefellors oil knocks out hydrogen everytime .

The rich bastards rights to start wars and create HOLOCAUSTS tramples the rights of the poor . How can the billions of poor people let them have their way again and again and again ? What are you afraid of losing your homes ? Come on look at the foreclosures !!!!!! Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae !!!!!!!! You all won’t have anything more to lose when your a shadow on the pavement in broad daylight well you ? Or could you live with yourself if your country fires Nukes on Our Mother’s Children wherever they live ?

Omaha , Atlantic , DesMoinse Express ! Oh My !!!!!!!

August 3, 2010

Whole lotta rockin goin on in Iowa tonight ! Didn’t I just write this awhile ago ? Oh Yeah , last night ! Governor Chet Culver of Iowa we gotta stop meetin like this . It all seems to be a one way conversation though . A lot like your rantin and ravin trying to get through to your FAKE  Deity whoever the hell it is . You aught to try picking a different Messiah to pray to Chet that one doesn’t seem to be workin for ya . But don’t worry there’s at least5 a 1000 more Messiahs to choose from . Hey , three guesses for a nickle as to which ONE the righht ONE is . I know how you have been fighting to raise your leevees and strengthen them and all , and I know how much you are praying that our heavenly Father spares Iowa from those 500 year flood events that seem to be happening every few years now . Ha  !!!  How’s your signing coming along ? You try putting your petitions to  your deity in Braille now ? Try screaming and jumping on one leg Chet , an maybe that well work for ya . Ask  Senator Grassley for a copy of the letter I wrote him about who the REAL  MESSIAH  is . Study it and pray about what I wrote him and then maybe you’ll relent and repent , put on sackcloth and yell , cry , and beg our HOLY  REDEEMER  for forgiveness . Then ya can ask your fellow Iowans to put on sackcloth and pray for forgiveness and an end to the plagues I sent your way . Yeah read my Motion to Dismiss and my letter to former Governor Vilsack . Ask for transcripts of  my court appearence in Iowa City , Case No. SRCRO66132 where I demanded Diplomatic Immunity as a parrot of the Most High , Joshua IsReal . Study all my letters and documents and you’ll be on your way to picking the right Messiah out of the over 1001 different Messiahs being taught in over a 1001 different ” BRANDS ” of Christian churches out there .

If not , well try putting Our Lady Of Peace on , you know which song by now don’t ya Chet ? Yeah , Clumsy !!!!!!!

I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or LOUD  !!!!!!! And ya really need a FRIEND ( The HOLY  REDEEMER , Joshua IsReal ) !!!!!!!  There’s really nothing funny about this ( Try jumping up and down and shakin like a lunatic havin grand Seizure and rollin around in the thorne bushes to get through to your deaf , dumb , and blind deity you’ve been prayin to ) I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream …  and  Jim Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham and  Jim  Oldham  and Jim OldHAM  ( Iowa Vs Jim Oldham , a parrot ) .

14th Ammendment (Not ratified)and Act Of 1871

January 25, 2010

We The People tired of abuses of power by the governments in Europe put together and establish this Constitution FOR the USA . Notice that we Sovereigns and Free People frame this document for OUR prosperity , freedom , and happiness and that our inalienable ( NOT taken away or transfered ) RIGHTS  come from our Creator , Messiah , and Father , Yehoshua . That WE establish our government from this document for the insured protection and perpetuity of OUR rights and that they can NOT be taken away or transfered .

With a bankrupt , torn , and bleeding Republic just after the Civil War with Bureaucrats  trying to insure their place in history , make deals with foreign bankers and turn this nation upside down !!!!!!!! In the 14th Ammendment ( Never ratified )  and The Act Of 1871 ( An illegal and Treasonous Act of Congress ) We The People , Sovereigns , FREEmen and women , have our RIGHTS and Constitution seemingly hijacked . The institution of government that WE established will conspire and commit High Treason to reverse the roles of government and FREEPEOPLE .

That they incorporate the USA and the District Of Columbia and make it seem as if this new corporation is the framer of The Constitution by changing FOR to OF and in all blocked capital letters; THE  CONSTITUTION  OF  THE  UNTIED  STATES  OF  AMERICA . We The People are now subsidiary corporations of  the parent and highest corporation , THE  UNTIED  STATES  OF  AMERICA . We are no longer Sovereigns and FREEPEOPLE in charge of our government .

Names in all capitals in law mean you are either a corporation or DEAD . Come on America rise up from the muck and pig shit and wash yourselves in HIS blood . Shake the dust off of yourselves and reclaim the reigns of YOUR government . Once again direct how the hands tax and enact laws and always know what the left hand is doing while you direct the right hand . Charge into the breech in our walls and stop the evil rout from pouring in . Are you not Ephraim and Mannaseh , Joseph’s TWO sons ?

Has not our Father , Creator , and Messiah Yehoshua shown the world what it means for the least of all tribes ( Abraham ) to be chosen and blessed by our Creator to be magnified as the sands of the seashores and the stars of the heavens ? To become the owners of the FAT  OF  THE  LAND ( Wheat fields of Canada,USA, and Australia ). The possessors of the GATES  OF  OUR  ENEMIES (  Suez Canal, Panama Canal,Hong Kong , Midway, Gibralter , and passageways around the world ? The blessings of our heavenly Father fullfilled in Great Britain , Canada , USA ( Who broke from his brother and became the greatest nation on the earth) , and Australia , that greatest  COMPANY  OF  NATIONS ?

You are the CHOSEN of our only true FATHER and your name , ISREAL  !!!!!!! Shake the dust off yourselves , wash your robes in His blood , and have HIM breath on you His Holy Spirit . You are NOT slaves and corporations of  FICTIONS , but the sons and daughters of Yehoshua Isreal , our Messiah , Creator , and heavenly Father . Breath life into my nostrils that I may become a living soul !!!!!!! Breath on me Your Holy Spirit that I might have the strength to fight to make men FREE  !!!!!!!

Tell Congress to tear up the 14th Ammendment !!!!!!!  Tell Congress that We The People do NOT recognise any illegal or Treasonous Acts of Congress. That We The People are NOT responsible for the corporations DEBT  !!!!!!!

Inalienable means : Can NOT be taken away or transfered . You can NOT transfer our rights and powers as Sovereigns to a corporation . A corporation can NOT sue a Sovereign , but , a Sovereign people can sue a corporation ( FICTION ) .

Until We The People have once again reserved our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS as a FREEPEOPLE and SOVEREIGNS make sure you make a timely reservation of your COMMON  LAW  RIGHTS by writting under protest without prejudice UCC 1-103 , UCC 1-207 , and UCC 1-308 before signing any contract , court document , or ticket from a cop (  Collection agents for the illegal corporations,USA and D.C. ).

The ozone layer rolled back like a scroll that was rolled up

January 14, 2010

And every ISLAND and mountain was moved from its place … and they all cried out ,hide us from the face of HIM who sits on the throne and from the wrath and FURY of the LAMB  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There well be pestilences , famines , plagues , and earthquakes in various places ( Capital of Haiti, Tokyo,and Rome ) . Because their LOVE  HAS  GROWN  COLD  and  because  LAWLESSNESS (  The throwing away of COMMANDMENTS and  LAWS  is taught in the false churches of satan ) abounds , the love of many will grow cold . Then nation will betray nation , kingdoms betraying kingdoms.


Then they will deliver you up to Tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all the nations for My names sake .

Then many will be offended , will betray one another , and will hate one another .

Then many false prophets will arise and deceive many .

AND  BECAUSE  LAWLESSNESS ( We are not under laws or commandments but GRACE !!!!!!! ) WILL  ABOUND  ,  THE  LOVE  OF  MANY  WILL  GROW  COLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I  DID  NOT  COME  TO  DO  AWAY  WITH  THE  LAWS  OR  COMMANDMENTS !!!!!!!!!!!! This is what our Messiah said !!!!!!!  Yes , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) our Messiah , our Father , our Creator said , ”  I  did  NOT  come  to do away with the laws or commandments !!!!!!!!!!  Don’t misunderstand ! Don’t be confused ! Don’t listen to Luke or Paul !!!!!!!! MATTHEW 5 : 17-22 .

Better start a crusade against false christianity and find  the ONLY TRUE AND  LIVING  MANNA  FROM  HEAVEN , THE  WORD OF YEHOSHUA  MADE  FLESH , AND  OUR  ONLY  TRUE  MESSIAH  out of the over 1001 false messiahs being taught in the over 1001 false christian churches in the world today . CAUSE  THERE  IS  ONLY  ONE  WAY  TO  HEAVEN  AND THAT  IS  THROUGH  JOSHUA  ISREAL  THE  LAMB .

State Of Florida Vs Our Messiah and Creator !!!

January 11, 2010

Yeah State of Florida Vs James Oldham has been once again delayed . The showdown has been moved to 2/5/2010  at Vierra courthouse in Florida. Gee , Florida has declared war on James Oldham a witness and prophet sent by our heavenly Father , Yehoshua Isreal !!!!!!!  How’s the war going , huh , Governor Crist ????? Has it turned into a COLD war ? Juices freezing up ? Water mains breaking ? Strawberries already frozen for a strawberry dacquiry ? Wait till the next batch of thunderstorms !!!!!!! I think its time you jumped on a jet plane Charlie and get your butt back to the wailing wall in Jerusalem to puty in some more prayer requests . Your such a man of god and I’m sure your faith will protect all Floridians from crop loses and fish kills. Gee I can hear the falling iguanas and cries of the orange , strawberry , ferns, and umpteen other growers crying out . Save us oh mighty Governor Crist !!!!!!!! Brag some more about your great FAITH that protects all Floridians from disasters in YOUR state.

I wrote letters warning you all that I no longer will pray for our Creator to protect the state I live in . That the bumper harvest days are over in my state. Can ya hear the 100 + MPH  straight line winds blowing across America as I said would happen in the late 1980’s ?

Hey, maybe its time Our Lady Of Peace comes out with a new version of CLUMSY ; I’ll be watchin ya freeze wavin my hand watcvhin ya scream quiet or loud Ya really need a FRIEND ……. and Jim Oldham….and Jim OldHAMMMMM !!!!!!!

Come on balls in your court Charlie !!!!!!! I live at 2992 Tivoli Ave SE Palm Bay , FL what ya waiting for ? Better send a bunch cause I don’t think a few will get past the fire.

December 1, 2009

You think I’m a Johnny come lately? I have put my butt on the line and stretched my neck way out there many many years ago . Speaking out boldly to your elected Buttheads and Judges all the things you would have loved to shout at them but were to afraid to STAND  UP  and be counted ! I recognised in the early 1980’s how your government was circumventing your rights and told them they were setting Precedents that would do us in if we didn’t reign them in when we could have. Precedents that caused 8 states to ignore the will and vote of the majority several years later . Yes, those states that had a legal drinking age of 18 that had your insurance companies taking your money to pay off your politicians to pass laws against what you voted . Ironic that they used your own money to pay them bastards off with aint it ? Now , many many years later after you’ve lost your retirement , or your jobs , or your 401 K’s  , or your children’s educational funds , or your homes and business you want to hit the streets !!!!!!!

After the FOUR  HORSEMAN have left the barn you want to close the barn door. After it is now Legal for your military to get involved in Domestic emergencies or disputes. After China has been granted Eminent Domain in America . After 1/3 of this nation is set aside to cover our national debts . After they already have torn out any mention of our Messiah and His 10 Commandments from public buildings and courtrooms . You all want to finally do something NOW !!!!!!!

All you can accomplish now is for the Peoples Liberation Army to come over here to protect their trillions of interest and reasons why ( Eminent Domain )  Or cause the United Nations to issue sanctions against us and have their PEACE  KEEPERS  in our streets . You all will get Martial Law declared and to start the FEMA camps to filling up.

Pick up your bibles and find out how your churches let you all down . Find out why Christianity in America is shrinking . Why the church leaders allowed the dechristianation of our courtrooms,schools,and government . Why there are 1001 different BRANDS of Christianity all pointing fingers at each other , when our Messiah prayed that we all be ONE , even as He is ONE with the FATHER .

When you can see how our love has grown cold through lawlessness you can begin fighting the GOOD  FIGHT knowing full well that the ONLY   GOOD  comes from heaven and who our Creator , Joshua , breathes on . Remember , He said ,” This is NOT  My kingdom …” Did the devil offer all the glory of the great kingdoms of the earth to our Messiah if He would just bow down to him ? They were the devil’s to give and we are his followers !!!!!!!  Yes, we are the 1/3 of the angels that turned our backs on our only true FATHER  and the earth is the devil’s ONLY kingdom . How has he ruled and taken care of his ONLY kingdom ? You think after these 1000’s of years the question has been answered that the devil asked up there in heaven ? Why not follow me ? Do things my way ?

What do you expect to find down here in the devils only kingdom ? Obama nations ? A dieing planet ? Despots and Dictators? Martial Law ? Finally one evil world government filled with the worse bastards in history ? Death ? Starvation ?Disease ? War ? Rape and pillage ? Genocide ? Fake Christian Churches ? Fake Gospels ? The Nicene Creed that whitewashes Luke and Paul and declares their words Holy Inspired , 66 books , and we believe in Paul and all His apostles(aPaulSaul) ? Because of Chernobyl the earth turning into a sun or star ? Finally seeing your eternal punishment is from man and the devil NOT your only true Father ?

Either have that final meal or cigarette and give up , or pick up your crosses and follow our Messiah to righteousness , goodness , and holiness . Fight for this world or fight for heaven . You decide NOW , before this world government makes you decide soon ; the mark of the beast or the mark of your heavenly FATHER ? Comes down to a choice ,man (devil) or our Creator . SIMPLE !!!!! Like it has been all along ; Creator or devil . The NWO won’t even allow Atheist . The microchip and worship of the beast so you can buy, sell , or trade or the worship and mark of our Father .jim

UCC 1-207 Reserving your common law rights.

November 30, 2009

This is not a legal opinion or am I giving you legal counsel , you have to decide as a matter of conscious what is right for you . Why is it necessary to before signing any legal paper or contract should you write , ” Under Protest and Without Prejudice ” ? I also write  UCC1-207 then sign my name.

This is the only small section of the entire Uniform Commercial Code ( U.C.C. ) that allows you to reserve your legal rights under Common  Law . The powers that be included it so they wouldn’t have to admit that our Creditors wholly own the USA Corporation after it filed bankruptcy.Don’t take my word for it ,check out Anderson’s 2nd edition in plain language at your Law Library .

If you don’t put this on your traffic ticket you can’t at a later date reserve your rights . It has to be a timely reservation of your rights.

This also protects you from hidden clauses and partial contracts ! Why do police make you sign traffic ticket or go directly to jail? This gives jurisdiction and supposedly gives standing .

Most traffic cops don’t know shit about bringing a valid CAUSE of Action against you , and the ticket itself  is  NOT  a valid CAUSE Of Action . If there is no accident involved there is no injury or damage and every cause has to have an injury that could be redressed by the court. This fullfills the obligation of the court to protect and maintain individual rights.

It may NOT always be necessary to reserve your rights as most traffic courts would NOT want to admit they operate under The UCC and not state statutes , but, be aware that they are open to take your money anyway they can with some appearence of legitimacy.

Check out my earlier post and watch about your Right to Travel.

Courts are a den of thieves . The pirates in our midst.

November 30, 2009

PIRATES !!! Oh my ! They want to steal my hard won money ! Take me to traffic court and try to scam me and steal from me and you !!!!!!!

PLASTIC Take Another Look .

November 5, 2009

Turn petroleum to gas and what do ya get . One giant headache to afflict mankind for 150 years ! Mountains of plastic garbage in our landfills . Plastic carpet for our homes.Fibreglass shingles for our roofs.Plastic insulation for our walls and ceilings.Plastic water pipes,cups,and glasses.Plastic cloths too.Asphalt from the Artic in Canada to the southern tip of Chile.Cheap whiskey.Vinegar and food.Pharmeceuticals and jet fuel.Sprays for your apples.Sprays for your fields and lawns.



WHEN  I  looked  closer still ,  I   SEEN   THE   FACES   OF   MEN  ( THROUGH  THE   WINDSHIELDS ) !!!!!

THEIR power to do HARM in their TAIL  PIPES  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLASTIC Take Another Look !!!!!!!

November 5, 2009

It will give image to the beast and to make it speak  !!!!!!!  Can ya make a movie without plastic film strip CD’s DVD’s Cassettes or floppy disc ? What’s the beast saying ? Buy Buy BUY run Run RUn RUN ?Am I in ? Hot ? Will my check tretch through the week? Can I feed my kids? Health care ? Economy ? Stock market crash?Swine Flu ? 2012 ? Darn Demoncrats ? Darn Republicans? Hail Obama nation ?Darn Barrack?She’s sexy?He’s hot?IRS? 401’s? Career?Retirement?My Debt?National Debt?Nuclear War?Sex?DARN EUROPEANS?Darn Africa?Darn Homos? I’m straight right?CYA?CYA?CYA? Cover Your Ass?Cover your ass or get screwed?Sue me? Sue you?Give me give me?GIVE ME? ENOUGH   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Towers blasting sublimials 24/7  ?!?!  No peace. No rest.No time ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I thought the computer was going to free up my time . Yet, when can I finally sign off  ! Sign out?

PLEASE   PLEASE  PLEASE   take a few minutes break take a few breaths and say THANK YOU to our heavenly FATHER , Creator , Friend , and Messiah  for loving us all unconditionally !!!!!!!!!!!!  For caring enough for us to take the time to speak for us and to us all . Walk with us . Break bread with us. Fast with us . Beaten for us. Dieing for us .

Think about what’s been cruising through your brain . Your thoughts ? The evil ones suggestions ? Your governments ? Your friends ? Family ? Its your brain and thoughts control them ! Filter out the bad and nourish the good .

You blaming your momma for who you are ? Your uncle ? Some kids in grade school? Your dad ? Come on think about it . Did you know enough in grade school to program who you’ll be for the rest of your life ? Is your mom and dad controlling you from the grave ? Silly you going through life with programming that is ancient history. Where were you when they were giving away free upgrades?Delete your old programming and tell YOUR  brain how today and the future is going to be.

Stop digging your pits in the day time just to fall into at night cause you couldn’t see . Hey if you ate your carrots you’d walk around that pit ya dug. BUT , if you could really see and understand you wouldn’t dig them to begin with .

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