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June 9, 2013


Christianity is a dieing religion in America . Is the smooth or easy way of Paul the reason for  Christianities death in America ? Shouldn’t miracles and prophesies come to pass for a prophet that our Messiah sends ?

GREATER WORKS will you do then I have done cause I have to return to the FATHER !!!!!!!

August 17, 2009

that’s and See how I prophesied the SWINE FLU outbreak almost a year ahead of the first outbreak in Mexico . How in a court document I prohesied the hurricanes to visit Pat Robertson , his church , and Virginia Beach in Dec of 1998 about the Hurricane season of 1999 ! Hurricane Dennis struck them Twice ! It got them went out to sea turned around and got them again !) Then a letter to Pat on 9/9/99 telling him and his entire church to pray real LOUD now , cause maybe his messiah is taking a nap ,a vacation , or wispering to Eve in the garden, for him to turn aside the next Hurricane , probably Flyod , Flyod’s eye did go right over his church ! Then Hurricane Irene ! How I went to court in Iowa City , Iowa in 2003 demanding diplomatic immunity as a prophet of Yehoshua . When the judge reviewed all my letters and a special review from the Veterans Administration by Dr. Adams that as much declared me a prophet , she denied diplomatic immunity . In my Motion to Dismiss , I said , ” All I can do is to pray for MANY PLAGUES upon you all ( The whole State of Iowa ! )Also a letter to Governor Visack warning him ! The tornado outbreak of April 13th 2005(?) bought 12 tornadoes to Iowa City and Johnson county in one day ! Droughts , hail, and ice storms just a few more plagues to visit them ! Then on December 18th 2007 I put on my blog ( Dec 22,1987 the letter to the people of homes also around this time) Watch out Iowa City , Johnson County , and Iowa !!!!!!! The tags read WEATHER , insanity , and PROPHECY !!!!!!! The floods of 2008 had the new Governor Chet Culver declaring 83 out of 99 counties in IOWA a disaster area due to the floods !!!! Damn near the whole state declared a disaster area !!!!!!! I prophesied in my blog that Tropical Storm Faye would leave Central Florida and go up to our State Capital and sit and spin just to their South !!! The next day Tropical Storm Faye sat and spun all day just to the south of our state capital !!!!!!! So much more on my sites and in my letters . I bring this to you alls attention not for my glory , but , for our CREATOR’s and Messiah’s Glory . To pay special attention to what I’ve been saying and writting about the aPaulSauls Luke and Paul since 1977 !!!!!!! Surely our heavenly Father would cause GREAT WORKS to be preformed by the prophet He sends to starighten the paths that Luke and Paul have made crooked and almost every ” Christian Church” follows Luke and Pauls LIES ( 1 John 2 : 4 ) and blasphemies against our heavenly FATHER’S WORDS that were made flesh and dwelt amonst us !

Prophesies since 1985 which our Father has fullfilled again and again and again !!!!!!!

June 11, 2009

If any of you readers want to know why I’m so confident that our heavenly Father will answer my prayers and blogs , you all need to go to  or  . I started blogging because your elected buttheads have done nothing about these miracles of our Messiah , Yehoshua ( Joshua ) fullfilling my prophetic letters and court appearences . Also all the newspapers and TV stations I sent letters to did NOTHING !!!!!!!  Why were they all so adamant about denying our Father His glory ? Wishing He had stayed buried no doubt !!!!!!!  All the BS they feed us everyday !!! Why not write or talk about one more opinion ?  In 1977 I started my war with this government when I filed as a conscientious objector while serving in the US Army . My first letter dated April 13 , 1985 to President Reagan started my prophetic mission . All but the prophesies yet to come to pass have been fullfilled by our heavenly Father , IsReal !!!!!!!

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