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My apologies .

December 13, 2012

We were promised that the computer and the internet would free up our time and allow us to spend more time with our families . Well , I’m still waiting ………. Look forward to my coming posts . You won’t want to miss them . Well ALL those that cry out to our  LAMB be heard ? Now that is a huge question … just who are you going to cry out to ? I mean , there are over 10,000 different LAMBS or Messiahs being preached in that many different ” BRANDS ” of Christianity ( Churches )  put there . Why so many ? Does it matter which flavor you choose ? Oh my , why has it become so hard ? Didn’t  HE  come  to make  HIS  disciples  ONE ? That we would be ONE with one another and that we would then become  ONE  with  HIM ? Zechariah 14 : 9 says …. in those days there will be  ONE  God and  HIS  name  ONE . There is something terribly wrong with ” Christianity ”  , and until we can narrow our choices down to a manageable level of LAMBS to choose from , Christianity will continue to whither away and die . Just when we need  HIM  most we are having a hard time trying to find  HIM .

Come now , step right up . I’ll give you THREE  guesses for FREE . Who is the right Messiah to pray to ? Come on this is suppose to be easy . If you need more than  THREE  guesses then I would begin to worry about that mansion in the sky  HIS  people are all promised . Come on , what are you waiting for , GUESS  !!!!!!!

Ya , step right up and make a spectacle of yourselves  !

When many of you do cry out to your Messiah for forgiveness , do you think it is automatic that HE will touch you and forgive you ? You really think you can mumble a few words and immediately ALL your crimes and sins are forgiven ? THINK AGAIN !!!!!!! Our Messiah does not listen to insincere prayers . Without REAL remorse there is no forgiveness . When the scribes and Pharisees came a running to John The Baptist to be baptized what did John yell at them ? OH YOU SNAKES !!!!!!! Who hath warned you from the wraith to come ? Show me fruits meant for repentance then I will Baptize you ! Now , if John a man could see a unrepentant man , one without remorse for his crimes and sins , how much more do you think our Holy REDEEMER can see ? HE sees into your hearts and minds and knows you better than you know yourselves and HE will not listen to a few mumbled insincere words ! I remember crying mightily to my LAMB for weeks everyday several times a day , even day and night , and knowing that I was NOT getting through to HIM . Then one day , the flood gates were opened , and my flood of tears of joy baptized me and I knew HE had forgiven me ! You think that if you cry out to HIM that you are doing HIM a favor ? The blood HE shed for us was precious and the pain it caused HIM was great indeed . But HE is a man that keeps HIS word and every PROMISE HE made to us ; yes , the promise of PASSOVER , when death will truly pass over us and we will NOT die the SECOND DEATH . First choose the right Messiah to pray to from the over 10,000 to choose from and then cry out mightily to HIM for the multitude of crimes and sins you have committed . When you finally get through to HIM and not all of you will , your journey , molding , and dross burned out of you just begins . So , I say to you all , the time is shorter than you all realize for HIS kingdom is at hand , and you all have such a long ways to run til you are half assured of your mansion in heaven .

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