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September 22, 2010

AMALEK , he’s an Amalekite and they are most noted for NOT  FEARING THE  REDEEMER . Yeah no matter what our Creator , heavenly Father , Our Messiah , Joshua IsReal did to put the fear of  the Most High into the Amalekites it didn’t work . They would not fear the LAMB . They exercised their free will to the fullest and would not pay heed to Him . They continued to attack the tired , the weak , and hurting ISREALITES stragglers . The old and infirmed were ripe for their swords .

You can protest and march on D.C. all you want , he’s not afraid . He won’t listen . He’ll attack the weak and jump at the spoil . He is a destroyer and he rubs his hands together in your distress . What a haughty forward bastard you all put into office . I say he is a bastard cause he has the devil as a father . He is a liar cause his daddy is a liar from the beginning .

He has no fear and he thinks his dad the devil is going to win . He sits on the pope’s lap cause Islam is his favorite son . Its spelled Catholism , but it means CatholIslam . Rome sent Luke and Paul to attack the WORD made flesh( Laws and commandments;that we are not under law ( Matthew 5 : 17-22 ) but grace  in Christianity . Rome gave Islam to Mohammed to attack the Son Of Man . Rome says through Islam , it wasn’t your Messiah that died on the cross but someone in His likeness ( Whispered among themselves it was Judas ) That the LAMBS blood is no more holy than any other holy man’s blood . That the Most High  neither beget or is begotten . Of the two , the popes think Islam the better works since it more directly attacks our Messiah .

Since the Vatican wants to kill off the Messiah our LAMB , look for MOTHER  MARY to step forward in CatholIslam .


August 10, 2010

How long well you allow your people to suffer Governor Chet Culver ? How long President Obama ? How long people of the USA ? How long people of the world ? I asked you a question a few years back and am still waiting for your answer . You think by ignoring me that our heavenly Father , Joshua IsReal will ignore  you and the people of Iowa ? Let you all off the hook ? No ! He’s carving ya all up, isolating communities and smashing you all into potsherds ! How many dams will break ? How many leevees fail ? What about FLU  SEASON that is right around the corner ? How many  MORE   PLAGUES  will a  FURIOUS  MESSIAH  send your way ? Leviticus 26:27-30 All that has already been accomplished up to this day 25 years of me writting prophetic letters that have all come  to  pass that I sent to elected buttheads , newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations. So now …

Yet in spite of all this , you do not obey Me , but act with hostility against Me, then I will act with  WRATHFUL  HOSTILITY  against you: and I will punish you  SEVEN  TIMES  for your sins. Further , you shall eat the flesh of your sons and  the flesh of your daughters you shall eat.I then will destroy your high places and cut down your incense altars , and heap your remains on the remains of your idols; for MY soul shall abhor you .

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