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Over 7 billion souls on earth

September 6, 2020

For those of you who have picked up your crosses and are following our Redeemer what are you going to do with them ? Be martyred as millions before you were martyred on theirs . As our Messiah showed us by dying on His.

Millions were martyred in the Coliseums across the Roman Empire because they wouldn’t bow to Nero or CeasarĀ  . Hundreds of years later millions more were martyred because they wouldn’t bow to the Popes . Is it any different today ? Will we bow to the beast , his name , or his mark ? Will we bow to artificial intelligence or AI ? To the NWO ?

No !!! We will practice our Faith’s no matter what the laws say or who is in charge . We , like Meshach , Shadrach , and Abed-nego will only bow to our Redeemer our Passover Lamb . Throw us in the oven , crucify us , burn us at the stake , or behead us . How could we do anything else ?

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