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May 15, 2010

As much as 70,000 barrels a day is the latest estimate of the obominable catastrophe to hit the Gulf !!!!!!!  Plastic take another look ! The sad sad truth of this matter is that they may never be able to stop the flow !!!!!!

250,000 Gallons Of Petroleum A Day Pouring into Gulf Of Mexico

April 29, 2010

I have the papers to prove I’m INSANE . What are your elected ASSHOLES  excuse ? Drill for oil in the Gulf Of Mexico without a FAILSAFE  SHUTOFF  VALVE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is almost as INSANE as experimenting with Chernobyl and having TWO  reactors melt down . Who is in charge ? BP can be allowed to SCREW   UP  our wildlife , sea food industry, and beaches for years and years to come ? Who can we hang for such an offense , they are a fiction , words on paper , with no soul whatsoever ! Do any of you politicians in Washington D.C. have a soul or care about anything but lining your pockets with other people’s hard earned money ? FATHER , where is my whirlwind to take me out of this world and bring home ?

Catastrophe In The Gulf Of Mexico !!!!!!

April 29, 2010

Go to   about 3/4 down the page that comes up is Pearl Jam’s “BLACK”  The preacher said all is painted BLACK tatooed everything … all that I see , all that I am , all I’ll ever be !!!!!!! Cause his fame is only on CD’s,DVD’s,Plastic cassette tapes,etc etc etc . The inspiration for his song from my letter to Mrs Gairth and the superintendent of schools in Tennessee about petroleum , the spiritual remains of an unholy union between Spirit ( Sons of G-d ) and the daughters of men that resulted in dinosaurs , those GIANTS of Genesis 6 :1-4  .


April 29, 2010

AND  WE  DON”T  HAVE  FAR  TO  LOOK . Right in our own backyard and into the GULF  OF  MEXICO . Second leak at doomed oil platform now pouring 5000 barrels of crude into the Gulf a day  !  42 gallons in a barrel , so , now 220,000 gallons a day pouring into the Gulf Of Mexica and 3 weeks to a month until they can start to do something praticle about it . I just hope they don’t pour genetically engineered bacteria or mold spores on this catastrophy !!!!!!!

When the bottomless pit was opened(The key was the industrial revolution)a great smoke arose as from a GREAT firey furnance and it darked the sun and the moon… The beast that came out of the pit were like locust ( A plague of trillions ) When I looked closer they were like HORSES arrayed for battle and when they moved they made a great noise ( Walls along highways are for the noise ) as of many chariots rushing into battle . When I looked closer still    I   SEEN   THE   FACES   OF   MEN   ( Through the windshields and side windows as they MOVED by me ) . Their power to do harm like a scorpion , in their  TAIL(PIPES) .

To those that are wise consider ; The beast that was ( Dinosaur ) and Is  NOT ( Cause of the flood ) and Yet  IS  ( Petroleum , the spiritual remains of an unholy union of Genesis 6:1-4 ) . When you change petroleum to gasoline you create a by-product called plastic ; It will give IMAGE to the beast so that it can Speak ( CD’s,DVD’s,Cassettes,etc , etc )!!!!!!! Go to  3/4 down that page to Pearl Jam’s  ” Black ” .

PETROLEUM  ; Rub it one way its shingles for your roof , another and its plastic carpet and linoleum , insulation for your walls and ceiling,asphalt from Canada to Chile,Freon or CFC’s for your air conditioning and heating , cloths, whiskey,gin,vodka,aspirin,vinegar,pharmeceuticals,mountains of plastic in your landfills(Garbage dumps),fertilizers,herbicides,pesticides(Synthetic Estrogen sprayed on fruits and crops so men can develope tits),etc,etc,etc !!!  The rich bastards magic elixir !

PLASTIC Take Another Look !!!!!!!

November 5, 2009

It will give image to the beast and to make it speak  !!!!!!!  Can ya make a movie without plastic film strip CD’s DVD’s Cassettes or floppy disc ? What’s the beast saying ? Buy Buy BUY run Run RUn RUN ?Am I in ? Hot ? Will my check tretch through the week? Can I feed my kids? Health care ? Economy ? Stock market crash?Swine Flu ? 2012 ? Darn Demoncrats ? Darn Republicans? Hail Obama nation ?Darn Barrack?She’s sexy?He’s hot?IRS? 401’s? Career?Retirement?My Debt?National Debt?Nuclear War?Sex?DARN EUROPEANS?Darn Africa?Darn Homos? I’m straight right?CYA?CYA?CYA? Cover Your Ass?Cover your ass or get screwed?Sue me? Sue you?Give me give me?GIVE ME? ENOUGH   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Towers blasting sublimials 24/7  ?!?!  No peace. No rest.No time ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I thought the computer was going to free up my time . Yet, when can I finally sign off  ! Sign out?

PLEASE   PLEASE  PLEASE   take a few minutes break take a few breaths and say THANK YOU to our heavenly FATHER , Creator , Friend , and Messiah  for loving us all unconditionally !!!!!!!!!!!!  For caring enough for us to take the time to speak for us and to us all . Walk with us . Break bread with us. Fast with us . Beaten for us. Dieing for us .

Think about what’s been cruising through your brain . Your thoughts ? The evil ones suggestions ? Your governments ? Your friends ? Family ? Its your brain and thoughts control them ! Filter out the bad and nourish the good .

You blaming your momma for who you are ? Your uncle ? Some kids in grade school? Your dad ? Come on think about it . Did you know enough in grade school to program who you’ll be for the rest of your life ? Is your mom and dad controlling you from the grave ? Silly you going through life with programming that is ancient history. Where were you when they were giving away free upgrades?Delete your old programming and tell YOUR  brain how today and the future is going to be.

Stop digging your pits in the day time just to fall into at night cause you couldn’t see . Hey if you ate your carrots you’d walk around that pit ya dug. BUT , if you could really see and understand you wouldn’t dig them to begin with .

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