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November 16th in Vierra Courtroom at 9:00 AM Showdown !!!!!!!

November 9, 2009

Hey Governor Crist maybe now you can see that mighty outstretched Arm of our Creator,Messiah,and Father Yehoshua IsReal ! Ya better run to a jet and catch a flight to IsReal so you can put in some more prayer request to SAVE  FLORIDA  from floods and winds !!!!!!! Come on Charlie we all know what a GREAT  MAN  OF  GOD  you think you are . If worse comes to worse you can use sign language or Braille I told you to learn , so you can get through to your god who is deaf ,dumb,and blind . Pray to the aPaulSaul ( aPaulSoul ) Paul and Luke to save Florida !

Answer them FATHER as to how well they keep your Sabbaths,laws,commandments,precepts , ordinances,and judgements as to how the pan handle of Florida fairs from Tropical Storm  Ida . Answer Charlie Crist just like I asked You to answer Pat Robertson and his entire church for the hurricane season of 1999 in my warning in a court document in December of 1998 : Mountainside Finance  Vs  James  R  Oldham Case NO.  98-19375-CC-2  or 05-1998-CC-019375-XXXX-XX  filing date 10/20/1998 MOUNTAINSIDE  VS  OLDHAM JAMES   Defendant Ptept Id 1465906  Plaintiff  Ptept Id 1490019   .

Florida should  NOT  have remained silent after the hurricanes hit Virginia Beach in 1999 and now 10 YEARS  AFTER , 10 YEARS  LATER as I have written in my last blog concerning floods to all the cities were effected badly except Montgomery , Talahassee , and Atlanta . Guess what as prophesied here comes your floods. You gonna say I got lucky again ? Well all I can say is AGAIN   AND  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN   AND  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN  AND  Again  and  again  and   again  AND   AGAIN   AND  AGAIN AND  Again !!!!!!!  SEE  SEE  CC  CC  ( Charlie Crist ) the mighty outstretched arm of our heavenly FATHER . Strike Florida good with Your rod FATHER . Strike Talahassee good !!!  How about some tornadoes to !!!!!!!

Governor Charlie Crist you are a BUTTHEAD . Take me to court,jail me,crucify me you PROUD and BOASTFUL BUTTHEAD !!!!!!!Your prayers at the wailing wall saved Daytona Beach from record flooding ? The potatoe farmers a little north of there ? Right !!!!!!!  And we’re only talkin this year ! What about last year when I asked our heavenly FATHER , Yehoshua to take Tropical Storm Fay up to you Governor Crist and let it sit and spin just to your South of the State Capital !!!!!!!  Did our FATHER  honor your prayers for Florida then ? No ! So what possessed you to declare to the news media down here how you go to Jerusalem every year and leave prayers there to protect FLORIDA ? Your full of PRIDE for yourself , more presumptious than Pat Robertson was . You better get real and find out what IsReal  and what is not .

Moore Justice Center ; Showdown In Vierra !!!!!!!

October 2, 2009

Justice Center ? How can you receive justice in a DEN OF THIEVES  ? Oh please grant me mercy . May I kiss your ring ? Your ass ? The hem of your long black robe ? A   LIAR  wrote the citation to get me there and a thief in a long black robe is going to judge me > NOT !  On Oct 15 th at 9:00 AM we shall see .

Father , our Creator and Messiah , Holy ONE of IsReal , You saved me once , please save me again from the ridicule and scorn I have born for You . I will go forward and STAND once again in Your Spirit and Name . I will not back down or tremble before my enemies . Look at them all FATHER , they rub their hands together in expectation of their great victory . Turn their snares into nooses around their necks . In great anticipation they ready to divide the spoil . As they have plundered the widows and neglected the orphans . As they bear false witness against their neighbors and steal from the poor the little that they don’t have . As they pervert the system of judges You and Moses established . As they lie and deceive the very people that elected them to sit on their bench and make folly of their own statutes . You Almighty and True , speak for all the poor and downtrodden that have come before them and had justice perverted !

Resurrect Case No. 98-19375-CC-2  Mountainside Finance  Vs  James Oldham filed DEC 08 ,1998 in the Melbourne and Vierra Courthouse in Florida and bring to the light of day what that Courthouse tried to bury TEN  years  ago . The very proof that YOU sent me and it is NOT a secret mission ! Last half of page 40 and all of page 41.

Now I’m going to bury some prophecy at the end of this Affidavit . Don’t forget Pat Robertson sitting like a king in Virginia Beach , bouncing his blasphemies across the heavens. On the day his church is named after in 1999 , let it rain down fire and hail and whirlwinds the likes of which no one will ever want to see again,at sunset . Show Isreal and the world that he is full of himself,presumptious, bold , and full of Pride for himself  in thinking that You would stretch out Your arm ( Against Orlando for flying the gay flag ) for a blasphemer .  In  1999 WHEN  YOU  SEND   HURRICANES  and  STORMS  TO  VIRGINIA  BEACH  LET  HIM  AND  HIS   ENTIRE   CHURCH   PRAY  FOR  YOU   TO  TURN  ASIDE  THESE  WHIRLWINDS . Answer them Lord as to how well they keep Your Sabbaths,Feastdays,LAWS,Statutes,Precepts,Ordinances,and COMMANDMENTS . Show them all OH  MIGHTY  WORD  OF  GOD  MADE  FLESH what it means to trust in Paul ( Who used to be called Saul, aPaulSaul or aPaulSoul  I’d rather be a Jesussoul ) who speaks against the MIGHTY  WORD  OF  GOD  MADE  FLESH . May God honor these words so that everyone would know that  HE  sent me , and it is not a secret mission . That Isreal and the Gentiles would start running to a mountain ( A holy place ) and give glory to God in heaven in the trueness of spirit . 27. Say I no more until summoned again .

TEN  years ago the MOORE justice CENTER buried this prophecy on purpose and robbed you all of your race to a holy place ! They remained silent after Hurricane Dennis plagued Virginia Beach , Pat Robertson , and his entire church for days . Dennis went out to sea turned around and slammed into them again

Then on 9/9/1999 I sent this letter to Mr. Pat Robertson .

I called your prayer line when Dennis The Menace was around and said , ” I have some documents threatening you and your church ( Well doctrine , beliefs , and all ).”

Next whirlwind pays you a visit , probably Floyd , you all pray real loud now , cause maybe your god is taking a nap or on vacation . Maybe he’s in the garden  whispering to Eve , or given his only kingdom , the earth , because he said, ” WHY not follow me is not my glory…” God gave dominion of everything that creeps on the ground, swims in the seas ( After a comet fractured the crust into seven giant  pieces ( Soon to be more )), herds of cattle , birds of the air , and we gave ( Nations ) dominion to the devil and now we know the answer to the devils question . He’s turning paradise into hell.

We humans are the 1/3 of the angels that followed the devil , and Jesus died to bring back to heaven as many will admit they followed the wrong god. Even , if the devil got all of us , which he won’t , he’ll still be a loser , a destroyer of earth ( Paradise ) and the polluter of minds and souls . I love you and pray for you .

The Courthouses in Brevard County remained silent even after the eye of Floyd went right over Pat’s church . The Courthouses remained silent even after Hurricane Irene came to Virginia Beach and ended the plagues of whirlwinds of 1999 to visit Pat,his church,and Virginia Beach . For TEN years now they have remained silent . On October 15th 2009 at 9:00 am I intend to demand Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador and Prophet of our CREATOR  and  Messiah, Yehoshua , the Holy ONE of IsReal . The Courthouses in Brevard County have had the proof of the pudding for TEN years now and I intend to force the issue and declare that though they tried to keep this all buried and secret , that my mission that our heavenly FATHER sent me on is secret NO  LONGER  !!!!!!!

Up until this document I submitted to the court in December of 1998 ( I have a copy with the court stamp ) it was said ( Not to convincingly ) that my prophetic letters were to vague . Will , that certainly wasn’t the case for this document !!!!!!!   I name the PLACE ( Virginia Beach ) , the TIME  ( Hurricane season of 1999 ) and the EVENTS  ( THREE  Hurricanes to visit Pat,his church,and Virginia Beach ; FOUR  if you count Dennis twice since it got them went out to sea and turned around and got them again !!!! )  !!!

I hope you all well join me in that courtroom on Oct 15th 2009 early in the morning . jim

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