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June 2008 I prophesied the SWINE FLU outbreak !!!!!!!

July 2, 2009

Click on archieves for June 2008 and see for yourself. It was the only post I asked my wife to think about . I told her the last outbreak of SWINE FLU  in 1917  killed millions. She clicked , publish entry ! You should all spend a little time researching my entries , you’d be shocked and awed !!!!!!!  Look at my post for Tropical Storm Faye where I pleaded with our Father to bind the heavens over Palm Bay ! Melbourne got 30 inches from Faye,what’d Palm Bay get ? A little over 7 inches and right next to Melbourne .West Melbourne got over 23 inches !!! Did I not write a blog that day and ask our Father to send it to Tallahassee where it would sit and spin just to their south all day ! Did Faye sit and spin just to their South all day that next day ? You bet ya !!!!!! Did I warn Iowa City,Johnson County , and Iowa in December 2007 (18th ? ) about plagues to visit them ? My tags started with weather and ended with prophecy. Sioux City tornadoe that killed a bunch of boyscouts,f5 tornadoe to destroy Parkersburg,and the 500 year floods of 2008 !!!!!! So much more !!!!!!!

Prophet , married to Shelley Oldham , a witness.

June 4, 2009

Shelley went with me when I personally handed copies of my letters to Shannon , a DJ at WKDF in Nashville,TN . She was with me when I took letters to Governor Ned McWherter’s office in 1989. She has seen the awesome coming of our FATHER as He stretched out His Mighty ARM again and again and again fullfilling all that I wrote .

Entry for June 29, 2008

June 29, 2008


Go to to see why it has come to this. Yehoshua,I have been a faithful witness for many years. My wife has witnessed all these years You confirming the prophecies and plagues I have proclaimed.You breathed on me your Holy Spirit and I am helpless before You. Your love, truth, mercy, goodness, and forgiveness are beyond my words to express.They will not fear You until You start killing them in great numbers. I will hold You back no longer.Now hear the words of your true Father and Creator.The USA is filled with iniquity from coast to coast. Though I have been a good Father to you and blessed you and made you a great nation, you seek after different deities. You say it is by the works of your hands that makes you a great nation. By these works you bomb other nations into submission.What do you hope to accomplish? You say you are giving them freedom. Freedom from what? You are chaining them up and binding them to your sins. Freedom to replace their faith with you?Freedom to replace their faith and laws with yours? The rule of law? The USA doesn\’t even listen to the will and the vote of the majority. Why would anyone want to listen to you? Give Iran and Irag same sex marriages? Divorces on a whim? Freedom to kill their children and divorce their parents? To make slaves of their children through usury or interest? To replace human rights with corporate law? To put cameras on every corner and home to spy on their mother\’s children? Who is looking after the orphans and widows at home? Enough you proud and arrogant people! Go back home before I drive you out of foreign lands. Your evil must not be exported, and because you have followed after strange deities and have blasphemied My WORDS made flesh that are me the Messiah; I as promised will destroy this nation. Swine Flu and the New Madrid earthquake are the first two woes to come upon you.Your friends in who you trust will turn on you and the abombanation of desolation will be upon you.

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