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IOWA FLOODS OF 2010 !!!!!!!

July 24, 2010

WHAT ?  Every  TWO  YEARS  Iowa gets a 500 year flood event ? Its funny that I had posted a warning and explanation to the Iowa FLOODS OF 2008 on July 24 th 2008 in the Des Moinse Register newspaper and TWO  YEARS  later the same warnings , prophecies , and explanations in that paper. I sent them copies of ALL  my letters a little over 2 years ago and still no reports from them about my warnings,prophecies,and plagues I sent to Iowans .

In 2003  I demanded Diplomatic Immunity as a parrot of our Creator,Messiah,and Father  , Joshua (Yehoshua)IsReal in a courtroom in Iowa City , IA  . Case No. SRCRO66132 which has all my letters including my prophecies in Court Documents for a civil case in Melbourne,FL on December 07 , 1998 : Mountainside Finance Vs Oldham,James R . where I wrote about Pat Robertson and his church at Virginia Beach,VA and told him and his entire church to pray to turn aside the hurricanes and whirlwinds that come to them in 1999 . The PLACE , The TIME , and The EVENT all prophecied on December 07 , 1998 and filed with the court document stamp !!!!!!!  Did our heavenly Father bring about all that I prophecied and filed in the courthouse on that day ?

You Bet Ya !!!!!!!  First hurricane Dennis , and Dennis the Menance didn’t get them just once but went out to sea turned around and got them again !!!!!!!  Answer them Father as to how well they keep your Sabbaths,Feastdays,laws,commandments,ordinaces,and judgements. Show them all Who sent me and that it is NOT  A  SECRET  MISSION !!!!!!! Then Hurricane Flyod’s eye went right over his church !  Then came Hurricane Irene , all to hit Virginia Beach , VA in 1999 just as I had written it.

Then on this site when it was Yahoo 360 on December 18 , 2007 I write watch out Iowa City , Johnson County , and IOWA . In the tags I put : weather,insanity,and prophecy !!!!!!! Both warnings in late December giving prophecies for the year to come and even the years to come. There was also a warning and prophecy of late December the 22nd to be exact of 1987 where I declare the DROUGHT Of 88 ( 1988) and the end to the drought in the South except for Georgia and send it to Governor Ned McWherter Of Tennessee , Governor Celeste of Ohio,and SEVEN other governors that repealed the 18 year old drinking age voted on and passed by the majority several times !!!!!!  In the last week of 1987 the drought was declared over in TN and the rest of the South except for Georgia !!!!!!!!!  1987 was the driest year in TN history up to that point and yet in that driest year within days of mailing them letters and giving them to Shannon a DJ at WKDF in Nashville the drought was declared OVER  !!!!!!!

Since 1977 when I fought a war against the US Army and declared myself like Meshach,Shadrach,and Abed-Nego and sought a conscientious objector status and to get released from the Us Army our heavenly Father has again and again and again put plagues upon this nation as I have written it ! And for SEVEN  TIMES  more PLAGUES He will visit upon them !!!!!!!  Then SEVEN  TIMES  MORE  and  SEVEN   TIMES   MORE   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Until  HE will walk CONTRARY to this NATION  in  a FURY . Yes , a FURIOUS  MESSIAH  !!!!!!!  WALKING  CONTRARY  TO  THIS  NATION  IN  A    FURY    !!!!!!! Leviticus chapter 26 , LOOK  at  Leviticus 26:28 !

Little Rock in a huge LAKE !!!!!!!

October 30, 2009

From Huston to Shreveport to Little Rock to St Louis To Iowa City and all points in between FLOODING , TORNADOES , HAIL , WINDS , and Snow will fly oh  me  oh  my strike them with Thy  Rod oh Yehoshua yeah Joshua the Holy ONE of IsReal our FATHER , Messiah , and Creator . Pound them , drown them , and blow them to pieces for they well not listen to You nor will they fear You . All Your attempts to correct Your wayward children ! The sure signs ! The miracles ! All proclaimed ahead of time ! Not just a few times but dozens and dozens of times and for over 23 years of prophesies proclaimed to you , your elected BUTTHEADS , your newspapers , blogs , and websites . Here’s another news flash hot off of my fingertips !!!!!!!!

At least Pharoah had an excuse ,our heavenly Father hardened Pharoah’s heart so He could show the world through the plagues to  hit Eygypt how He delivered His people IsReal out of their bondage by His mighty outstretched arm. Pharoah didn’t believe that the Almighty sent Moses , but that didn’t make it true now did it ? What’s you alls excuse for not believing that our Father , Messiah , Creator , and Almighty sent me as His prophet ?

Oh yeah ! You all are beginning to see that your FATHER and Creator didn’t have to harden your hearts so He can beat ya to death with His rod for walking contrary to His laws , commandments , ordinances , precepts , and judgements . Seven times and seven times again and you all failed to acknowledge His warnings and attempts to turn you all around . SEVEN  times again you failed to relent and repent . No matter that 83 of 99 counties in Iowa were declared disaster areas due to the floods of 2008 darn near the whole screwed up state !!!!!!! Not counting tornadoes ( 12 to hit Johnson county in one day, several to rip through Iowa City on a April 13 th the date I wrote my first letter to President Reagan ) . The record crest for some of those rivers in Iowa coming on June 13 th the day I was beaten nearly to death while in chains and handcuffs in Lucas County jail,Ohio . Hey was it the seventh time or the 490 th time I tried to warn you all when I demanded diplomatic immuntiy in that courtroom in Iowa City Iowa ? Plagues upon you all is what I’m praying for !!!!!!!

Gee , with all the love I have for you all , why would I pray for MANY PLAGUES  UPON  YOU  ALL   for ? Cause no one but yourselves had to harden your hearts as cold as a completely frozen puddle . That if any of you make it out of the destrucvtion of Mannaseh yeah the USA and in whatever country you find yourself  slaving in you well remember these words and cry out to your true FATHER and CREATOR in anguish and sackcloth in true worship of Him so that your Father would gather you in His arms and save you.

The destruction of the USA is at the door . The rest of the world’s people will see with their mouths hanging open at how quick and utterly devastating  the USA’s destruction is . To those His chosen Mannaseh that got the fat of the land,fountains and springs of water , herds without number, mansions on every hill,iron and copper in your hills and mountains , and so much more . It wasn’t because of George Washington , Thomas Jefferson, Bengamin Franklin , or John Adams that made this the greatest nation this world has ever seen . Not by your might . Not by your brains . The three stooges, Laurel and Hardy , and Soupy Sales could have wrote a constitution and this country would still have become the greatest nation on earth becauser of our Father’s blessing to Mannaseh,Ephraim,Joseph,IsReal(Jacob),Isaac,and Abraham . He would not let this nation be divided ( Civil War ) , conquered by the British , or overthrown by the Germans in WW1 or WW2 until the promise He made so long ago was realized . So that HE could show the world what it truely means to be blessed by our CREATOR  andf  FATHER .

So now that you’ve dragged out the TEN commandments from your courtrooms and are distancing yourselves so far away from your only true FATHER and walking contrary to all His ways , He is going to walk in a FURY agianst you all that don’t have His mark on you.

As I have said many many many times in the past . I hope you chose the right Messiah to pray to out of the over 1001 false messiahs out there . I hope you chose your Master, Friend ,and Father Yehoshua yeah Joshua our Messiah , the Holy ONE of IsReal !

Oh yeah how about a little bit of Our Lady Of Peace and their song Clumsy ? I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud.Yeah really need to chose your FRIEND . Ya need to let Him in . I’ll be watchin ya dfrown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud .There’s really nothing funny about this . I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand…… and  Jim  Oldham  and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham   and Jim  Oldham  and Jim OldHAM  !!!!!!!


October 8, 2009

The last letters I wrote and sent to Governor Vilsack (( Iowa )that bought about all the plagues to visit Iowa City,Johnson County , and the entire State of Iowa ),Senator Grassley ( Iowa ) that gives the main reason for my prophetic mission and what our Creator, Messiah , and Heavenly Father , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) expects to see in His wayward children , and President Bush warning him about the wraith to come , yes , a RAGING  Messiah filled with FURY at this nation if the people continued to NOT accept the corrections from our heavenly FATHER on His rebellious children . After I said that I had stood up for this nation , ran into the plague to stop His outstretched arm against this nation , how I prayed and spoke up for Isreal so that His anger would subside against them . I said , ” I have been a reluctant prophet , a humble and meek prophet , simply a parrot that was repeating what his MASTER was saying . ” I have waited for 25 years for this country and its people to show some respect and fear of our Creator and FATHER . To finally start to listen to HIM !!!!!!!  No matter how many times HE stretched out His arm and struck this nation with His rod according to the words He had me write or speak , no one showed any fear . No one really listened . Out of love for His people Isreal and the promises He made to our forefathers He has revealed Himself and tried to correct His wayward children that at least a remnant would be saved . Oh Mannaseh and Ephraim ! Oh Joseph and all your descendants what have you bought upon yourselves ? Repent !  Put on sackcloth and WAIL for forgiveness to your Creator , Messiah , and FATHER and maybe you will turn the FURY from our Messiah ,Joshua aside . Maybe a few of you will and that is all I hope for after all  these years , a remnant , but even you will be removed from your lands into your enemies hands . I was a meek , humble , and reluctant parrot .
NO  MORE  !!!!!!!  You ever hear a parrot that is wet and upset screeching and squawking ? Ever try to shut up a screeching squawking and pissed off parrot ? I am wet from the tears of the saints and the blood of the martyrs . How long oh mighty Messiah till you have avenged of the blood the nations have shed of the prophets and martyrs You have sent to them ? NOT till the full measure of the vial of all the blood of the martyrs has been filled !!!!!!!! Blood will flow even in the most remote of places , your strongholds will be torn down , your naked carcases thrown down on the alters of your false dieties . Your sacredf pillars thrown down . A leaf blowing in wind will put your armies to flight . You will run and fall over each other in your attempt to flee from an enemies sword that isn’t among you. You will NOT stand against your enemies anymore but soil yourself at the sight of them . You will have a hard time trying to hold a small sliver of a beach head in any foreign land with all the marvelous wopnder of the works of your hands ; your cruise missles, nuclear submarines , air craft carriers , fighters , bombers , tanks , and helicopters will avail you nothing . Then some of you will begin to see what it means to have the blessings of our heavenly FATHER withheld !!!!!!!
When your forests were attacked by beetles,aphids,sap suckers , and borers the ARMY sent by our Messiah , you seen much of California’s forest dead and dieing as I warned you about . Matchsticks waiting for the lightning to set your state ablaze !!!!!!!  Your crops withering and dieing in your fields . The fruit trees not yielding up its fruit . The GNP bought down by all the crop failures . The droughts !!!!!!!  The FLOODS !!!!!!!!  The HAIL  !!!!!!!!  The whirlwinds !!!!!!!  ALL  THE  LIKES  OF  WHICH  THIS  NATION  HAS  NEVER  SEEN  JUST  AS  I  WROTE  AND  OUR  CREATOR  ,  MESSIAH  , AND  FATHER  PREFORMED  EXACTLY  AS  I  HAD  WRITTEN  AND  SENT  TO  YOU  ALL  BEFORE  IT  HAPPENED  !!!!  Yes , I wrote it and our heavenly FATHER fullfilled it  and no one  listened ! No one feared HIM  or  His prophet that HE  sent  !!!!!!!  No  one paid heed or any attention to all the miracles He preformed . No one cared about all the sure signs He provided you alol with !  Signs proclaimed ahead of time so that you would believe that HE  ISREAL  !!!!!!!  That  HE sent me to straighten the path that Luke , Paul , and his aPaulSouls tried to make crooked . Now you will see how hot HIS anger is burning !  The  FURY  OF  OUR  MESSIAH  !!!!!!!  A  JEALOUS  MESSIAH  THAT  HATES  YOU  ALL  CHASING AFTER  FOREIGN  AND  FALSE  DIETIES   !!!!!!  OH  that RING  OF  FIRE   !!!!!!  EARTHQUAKES  ,  VOLCANOES  ,  and  GIANT  WAVES  CRASHING  INTO  YOUR  SHORES  WAY  WAY  INL:AND    OH   MY  !!!!!!!
And yet you will have seen but the beginning of your troubles and sorrows . For after each set of events and you still refuse to humble yourselves before your Creator , Messiah , and FATHER  it will get SEVEN TIMES worse and SEVEN  TIMES  WORSE  AGAIN  !!!!!!! If you still don’t humble yourselves before Him and accept your FATHER’S  CORRECTION  you will resort to eating your daughters  and sons !!!!!!!  Yet , even after all this and you are in your enemies hand in a foreign land and you wail out to your Creator and FATHER  that you are sorry , HE  will remember his promises to Isreal !  To  King  David !To  Isaac  !!! To  Abraham  and your patriarchs of old . He will remember His covenant with Isreal whom  HE  bought out of Egypt in the site of the nations, that He would be your FATHER; For I am the ALMIGHTY , the Holy ONE  Of  ISREAL  .

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