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THE GREAT TRIBULATION ; the end of days

December 14, 2013

ImageTo many of you I am just another ” NUT  CASE ” , a fake , a man seeking fame and glory . I don’t stick my neck out and put my ass on the line for those . From my youth I knew what path I was to seek out and walk and it is the path our Messiah , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) Isreal blazed for those hungry and thirsty enough not to settle for half truths and the doctrines of men and churches . I was sent by our  LAMB , yes , our holy  REDEEMER  to warn  IsReal the consequences of walking contrary to  HIM . For 28 years I have prophesied to IsReal and for 28 years our heavenly  FATHER has brought to pass all that I prophesied in  HIS name and Spirit . HUNDREDS  OF  PROPHESIES  HE  INSPIRED  AND  FULFILLED  ACCORDING  TO  MY  WORDS . Since 1977  HE  has chosen me as  HIS  prophet and sent me to straighten the HIS  path that Luke and Paul made crooked in so many ” Christians ” minds and hearts . It was the King Constantine that put together the tares and wheat of your New Testaments .  He assured that The Holy Roman Catholic Church would force all the nations to drink of the wine of her abominations by putting Luke and Paul’s lies ( Tares ) in the New Testament . The so called Jerusalem Decree in Acts 15 : 23 – 29 is all the proof anyone needs to see that there is no truth in them . The beloved disciple , John , might as well have named Luke and Paul as the original teachers that you who say you love  HIM  do  NOT have to keep  ALL  HIS  commandments in 1John 2 : 4 .

    Herbert W. Armstrong was NOT the first one to know that the throne of England originated in IsReal . That England is mainly of the tribe of Ephraim . With most ALL the ” Christian ” Churches agreeing that these are the end of times and that we are entering into The Great Tribulation . Then history plainly reveals that the ONLY great company of nations that owns the gates of their enemies ( Suez Canal , Panama Canal , Hong Kong , Guantamano Bay , Midway , Gibraltar , etc ) the fat of the land ( The wheat fields of Canada , USA , and Australia fed the world and has the most fertile farmlands in the world ) , and all those that blessed us were blessed indeed and those that cursed us ( Germany , Italy , and Japan ) were cursed indeed . Just look at Nakasaki , Hiroshima , and all the napalmed cities of WW2 . Yes , Manasseh did split from their brother Ephraim and became that great nation , The USA . Armstrong was Not Elijah as he claimed to be as he slapped Paul on the back and called him a brother . That is not straightening our Messiah’s path . I will give the Worldwide Church Of God and the Philadelphia Church of God for bringing attention to Psalm 83 and Daniel chapter 11 and how United Europe led by Germany ( Assyria ) is in their 7th and final resurrection of the UNholy Roman Empire and a Jesuit Pope is riding this beast into WW3 .

   While Germany ( The Assyrians ) are forming an allience with moderate Arab nations ( Psalm 83 ) of Saudi Arabia , Turkey , Jordan , UAE , and others , the new Pope is bringing together Mexico and ALL of South America into this allience . Let no one forget that there are at least 50 million Catholics in America and that in 1815 the Vatican declared war on the USA and its satanic constitution and you will begin to understand the terrible straights the USA is in . The King of the North ( UNited Europe ) is going to destroy the King Of The South ( Iran and its allies ) in a sudden whirlwind of German and EU tanks , ships and aircraft according to Daniel chapter 11 . IsReal ( Great Britain , USA , South African whites , and Canada ) beware of Psalm 83 for it tells of what is in store for you . Your destruction and correction from the Assyrians ( Germany ) is at hand . Some of the Nukes we have given Germany and Italy during the cold war will be used on American cities and those that survive will be led captive as slaves .

   BUT , you will say , I am a Queen and will not suffer . The PRIDE and WILL of America is broke . Most Americans are tired of being the policemen of the world and Obama is only doing what most Americans want , an end to war . While Germany and United Europe are preparing for war against Iran and its allies , Obama , is making peace with Iran and ending economic sanctions against them . Once again America is sticking its nose into the ambitions of Germany . Once again America is a thorn in Germany’s side . The USA knows that before the end of WW2 the Nazi party and the huge German Corporations started making plans to go underground and continue its plans for world domination . 70 years of peace in Europe and those secret plans of Germany have worked to such a degree that most everyone has forgot the holocaust WW1 , and WW2 and Germanies part in all this . Roosevelt and Churchill made sure that Germany would never again be allowed to become a military power , but an unprecedented 70 years of peace in Europe and the ” COLD  WAR ”  have allowed Germany to rebuild its military . Even to the point of making nuclear bombs for France ! Don’t forget that they also have hundreds of nuclear bombs the USA gave them as a shield against the USSR’s threat of invasion .

   Well , all the peoples and nations are arriving at their places on the world stage just as our heavenly FATHER told us thousands of years ago and we are about to be corrected and destroyed and oh how IsReal ( Great Britain , USA , and Canada ) deserve it . They were given the best of the best blessings of our FATHER . Great Britain and its Commonwealth nations controled the world currency and military might , just to have it fall to the USA , and now the end of the USA dominance is here . The last great threat to Germany and UNited Europe to their ascension to world dominance is the petro dollar and the dollar being held as the world currency . The one thing the USA will fight to their death over . Prepare to die America and watch your conquerors climb to the top of the heap .

   Their reign will be short lived before  a 200 million man army from China , Russia , and its allies will assault them . Then the seventh trumpet will sound and our Messiah will return riding in the clouds and then the armies of the earth will wage war against  HIM ! When HE finally puts down these armies and has HIS vengence on those that are destroying the earth a new earth and a new Jerusalem will appear from heaven and all HIS disciples will dwell with  HIM there  for a thousand years .

  If  HE  didn’t shorten those days of the Tribulation there would have been  NO  FLESH  LEFT  TO  SAVE !

  I tell you all this so that you all can prepare for what is surely going to come to pass soon . For those of you who will heed these warnings and relent and repent I have done these things . For 28 years , ever since April of 1985 I have been prophesying to you all . Hundreds of prophesies have come to pass and in those 28 years of prophesying to you all and our Messiah bringing them to pass , you all are still walking contrary to HIM in every way possible . You all have forgotten your Creator . You all hate HIM and resent HIM trying to tell you all how should live . So , now HE has no choice but to walk contrary to you all in a  FURY  according to Leviticus 26 : 28 . You all can expect your cities to be laid waste and your carcasses thrown on the lifeless forms of your idols . Nukes will explode over your cities and you that survive will be taken into capitivity as slaves . Yet , to all those who have already relented and repented , HE will protect you and save you from  HIS day of wrath . To those who are slaves in whatever country you end up serving and cry out to  HIM , HE will remember  HIS promises of old and come to you quickly !

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