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The HONORABLE Judge A B Majeed

March 6, 2012

I have corrected a mistake I made concerning Judge Majeed in my comments and at . I also have posted a video at . In my video I told Judge Majeed that I had misjudged him and I hope that I have done enough since then to let everyone know that I have stood before MANY judges across this nation and the ONLY  judge that I can honestly use the word  HONORABLE is for Judge A B Majeed . I should have reserved my judgement for him on more than just one day in his courtroom that I have to admit was a ruckus that day . He was terribly overbooked that day . I have stood before him TWO more times since I posted those comments about him and I did make a rush to judgement and was wrong . One day spent in his court room is not enough time to judge a whole lifetime at his job . I wish Judge Majeed and his family the best and that Joshua would bless him and his . jim

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