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Good Friday , Passover , Feast Of Unleavened Bread , and Easter

April 23, 2011

First off lets get rid of Good Friday and Easter cause they are Pagan Holidays and not to be found in the Bible , but , are directly related to the Passover Feast . The very first feast of the year , the promise of The LAMB or Holy REDEEMER being born as the Son Of Man and being murdered as our Sin Offerring . In the beginning G_d created the heavens and the earth ……. In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with G_d , and the WORD was G_d . The WORD , the laws and commandments was made flesh … He went to His own but they would NOT except Him , but to ALL that did He gave them the power to become sons and daughters of G_d  !!!!!!!  How many times throughout the Gospels does HE say , ” The heaven and earth WILL  PASS  AWAY , but  MY  WORDS  will  NEVER pass away ” ?

Matthew 5 :17-20 says the same ! Do NOT be confused ( By Luke and Paul )   I   DID   NOT   COME   TO   DO   AWAY   WITH   THE   LAW ( Or commandments ) …. Not one letter or word shall pass from the law UNTIL  THE  HEAVEN  AND  EARTH  PASS  AWAY  and ALL is fullfilled ( has He returned yet ? Dealt with those that are destroying the earth ? Judged us ? Let loose the seven seals,trumpets, and vials ? ) Your righteousness better exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees and scribes or you will NOT enter heaven . This is  HIS  words  , red letters  !!!!!!!  Who the hell is Luke to come along and so soon contradict them ? In as much saying that our Messiah didn’t have a clue ! Didn’t know what HE was talking about cause in Acts 15:23-29 Luke throws away 8 of 10 commandments and over 600 laws , almost ALL of them !!!!!!!!

Why even grant this man who was NOT a disciple and never seen our Messiah   GOSPEL  AUTHORITY  ?  He plainly contradicts the other  GOSPEL  accounts especially about the TWO thieves crucified with our Messiah , Joshua and the filling of the Holy Spirit . Is it that BOTH thieves blasphemed Joshua or was Luke right who wasn’t there and never seen HIM  ? Is Luke right in Acts2:2 with a mighty wind and FORKED   TONGUES   of flame ? Or is John right in John20:20-22 … and Joshua breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit … Just like Genesis  2:7 G_d ( Joshua ) made Adam from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils and he became a living soul  ? I’d bet my soul on John’s account of the filling of the Holy Spirit . I’d also bet the farm on Matthew’s account about the law and commandments being in effect ubtil after the heaven and the earth pass away . Enough about Luke , but since he introduced his patient and boss , Paul , lets take a look at him.

Oh wretched man that I am … I’m the chiefest sinner … The law is a Grievious burden to great to bear , so don’t even try …if I can’t bear it how could you … FIRST , the laws aren’t a burden . I keep them and love them , they are sure footing in muddy ground a safe port in every storm , my delight in knowing I have a sure compass and directions to get me to HIS  feet  !!!!!!!   1 John 5 : 3  This  is the love of our Messiah ( The greatest commandment ) when  we  keep  HIS  commandments and they are  NOT   BURDENSOME  .  I keep them cause I love the LAW GIVER who gave them to Moses . I keep them cause they make sense and are full of life . I keep them to show HIM  I’m listening and love  HIM .

Paul goes on to boldly state in spite of our Messiahs words of  Matthew 5 : 17-20 … I  DID  NOT  COME  TO  DO  AWAY  WITH  THE  LAW  …    that  we  are  not  under  law  but  grace  !  Paul are you trying to tell us that our Messiah is full of it ? That  HE  is  a  LIAR  ?  Confused ?  Deranged ?  You hate the Law ( Joshua who is the law made flesh ) . You say there was not death until the law came . That sin leads to death and we would not know sin but because of the law . That the law is only good for death and was nailed to a tree and died !!!!!!!  Hoorah , WHEW our Creator is only good for death  !!!!!!!  HOLD  ON  PAUL !  STOP  !!!!!!!  WHAT  WAS  RESURRECTED   ???????  What was found to be without spot or blemish ? Perfect and good and wonderful ???????  FULL   OF   LIFE   ???????  FULL  OF  MERCY  , COMPASSION ,  and  LOVINGTENDERKINDNESS  ???????  THOSE  LAWS  AND  COMMANDENTS  THAT   WERE   MADE   FLESH   AND  ARE  G_D  !!!!!!!

The  ONLY  group of people I could find in the Bible who are like Luke and Paul  are  those  murmurrers in the dessert ( Wilderness ) who said , ”  WE  HAVE  ENTERRED  INTO  A  COVENANT  OF  DEATH ( Sheol ) . Snakes rose up and bit them  ALL  .

…and they worshipped the beast,saying”Who is like the beast?WHO IS ABLE TO MAKE WAR WITH HIM ?”

November 6, 2010

Yeah the last revival of The Holy Roman Empire is upon us ! The beast that BLASPHEMED our heavenly FATHER ,His WORDS,and  His saints . He overcame them by the smooth words and ways of Luke and Paul ( The easy way of no laws and commandments . ALL  YOU  HAVE  TO  DO  IS  BELIEVE  !!!!!!!)who he sent to take the saints off of the ROCK ( Joshua’s laws ,commandments,precepts,statutes,ordinances,and judgements). Abraham knew before Moses was ( Genesis 26:5 ) !!!!!!! You were warned in Exodus 12:48-49 THAT  THERE  IS  ONE  LAW  BOTH  FOR  THE  JEW  AND  THE  GENTILE . Paul had no commission from our heavenly Father to preach a different Gospel unto the gentiles ; THERE  IS  ONE  LAW ( People,FATHER,law and gospel ) !!!!!!!

It all comes down to a matter of choices . Who will serve today ? The doctrines of men , such as King Constantine ( Emperor of Rome) , Luke , or Paul ? Our the words of your Messiah , Creator,Holy REDEEMER ? Was Joshua mistaken when He told us in Matthew 5:17-22 that He did NOT come to do away with the laws and commandments , and that NOT  till heaven and earth pass away shall ONE  letter or word pass from the laws and commandments ? That He would send Luke and Paul to contradict His words and let them proclaim that all anyone had to do was keep these 4  things and it would be well with them fare well ( Acts 15:23-29 the so called Jerusalem Decree ) ? Or Pauls words in Romans that we are NOT  UNDER  LAW  BUT  GRACE ?

Better to be against Church doctrine and be a HERETIC  than to be against the WORDS  OF  OUR  FATHER  AND  CREATOR  made flesh and be a BLASPHEMER .

Choose who you will serve today . Here is the patience of the saints ; those that keep the commandments of our CREATOR and the testimony of our Messiah ( Rev 14:12 ) …and the devil was enraged with the woman and her offspring ; all those that keep the commandments and the testimony of our Messiah ….and I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire,and those who had the victory over the beast, over his image , and over his mark and over the number of his name , standing on the sea of glass , having harps of the LAMB . THEY  SING  THE  SONG  OF  MOSES  , THE  SERVANT  OF  OUR  FATHER , AND  THE  SONG  OF  THE  LAMB  saying :






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