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NWO,CFR,TC,and the Bilderbergs are the problem !!!!!!!

August 18, 2010

Of all the wars fought throughout history has their ever been a war where the poor have fought against the rich ? I understand that the poor couldn’t go to the Cabal of International bankers and say , ” We need to borrow a few billion to fight a war , and we need it at low interest ! ” Ha Ha Ha  ! Ha Ha Ha ! Ha Ha Ha !

But , you know what ? Its not funny and its exactly what needs to be done . Fight the rich bastards before they launch their insanity in full force against the masses . We have gone to war over the rich bastards insanity for at least 100 years now .

The goose stepping German Army proudly marches to war and seeks to exterminate the vermin in Europe . How grand ! How loving !

The USA leaves its calling card in Hamburg , Dresden , and Berlin , Incendiary bombs to truely start a HOLOCAUST .

The Japanesse go marching off to war . Oh how loving they were to their neighbor China . Give them some  Bubonic plague and do some demonic medical experiments on them . Treat the American soldiers with love by cutting off their private parts and shoving them in their dead mouths. Prisonors of war ,  well forget about it .

Gee the USA ‘s military did NOT run out of sacrifices to their deities.Incendiary bombs take to many plane loads , we have a special ordered for Hiroshema and Nagasaki . Shadows on the street made in broad daylight , Holocaust and more Holocaust !

Who funded WW1 and WW2 ? Gee trench foot ( Athelete’s foot) and poison bouquet for the troops , how sweet the smell . How do you love your neighbor so!

To think they teach us in schools  to be PROUD that we fought in those wars ! That we torched and killed all those innocent women and children ,  many of them as they slept in their beds . What was their crime ? Did we all do our mothers proud ?

Is it just old money that is bad and does the corrupting ? Did those rich bastards have to grow into their evil ? Become so powerful that they decided they’re above even Ceasar and that the nations have to bow down to them ? If you get rid of those rich bastards , will the new rich bastards be as bad or worse then the old bastards ?

Maybe the problem isn’t because of those rich bastards after all , but , the people for letting them have their evil ways . For not stopping them from having someone fire the first shot ? Did they have to have a DRAFT  to get troops for WW2 ?

Maybe now that we have our computers we can stop wars before they get beyond the planning stages , but , hey , aren’t we in Iraq and Afganistan right now ? Do men love war so ?

We won’t get fooled again !!!  No No No , WE  WON”T  GET  FOOLED  AGAIN !!!!!!! BOY , how many more wars have we been in since The Who first sang that song ? The sorry thing is is that the people will allow their governments to go to war again and again until nuclear bombs start the HOLOCAUSTS all over again .

Shouldn’t we fight our own governments before we allow the NUKES  to start flying ? What’d they do in Romania ? Did you ever think they’d tear down the Berlin Wall , rush KGB headquarters and set the place on fire ?!?! They did , you know . Stop the insanity and get your feet off our necks !

Do you really think the average Chinesse citizen hates us and wants to Nuke us ? The average person in Iran ? I think they’re more afraid of finding the means to feed their children and get them into good jobs then they are afraid of us . I think they hate their elected buttheads for making it so hard to raise their children then they hate us . You think they aren’t living from paycheck to paycheck just like us ? Trying to save for their childrens education just like us ? Worried that their government is getting out of control just like us ? Did Iran just have riots and rebellion in their streets against their own government ?

Are we having giant protest here in America ? Planning on many more ? Did the students in China demand more freedom and liberty ? Did they have a Kent State in Bejing ?

Seems to me that Greece has just had violent protest . There and across Europe . Don’t let our governments brainwash you all into going to war again and again and again . It won’t solve nothing but the rich bastards agendas.

The people are rising up and protesting against their own governments because across the world they are out of control , deaf and dumb to the concerns and problems of their citizens . The governments are in lock step to the agenda of the Bilderbergs . Gasoline burning engines versus hydrogen fuel cells and its not even a fair fight . Rockefellors oil knocks out hydrogen everytime .

The rich bastards rights to start wars and create HOLOCAUSTS tramples the rights of the poor . How can the billions of poor people let them have their way again and again and again ? What are you afraid of losing your homes ? Come on look at the foreclosures !!!!!! Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae !!!!!!!! You all won’t have anything more to lose when your a shadow on the pavement in broad daylight well you ? Or could you live with yourself if your country fires Nukes on Our Mother’s Children wherever they live ?

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